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Merry Meet!
Greetings and Salutations my Magical Friends.

I’ve been expecting you however I’m not sure what you’re looking for...
My intuition only tells me so much.


Have a look around the Boutique!

You can find Goddess Inspired Spirit dolls, One of a Kind, energetically charged Artisan Jewelry, handcrafted ritual tools and altar decorations, homegrown and sustainable harvested magical herbs and flowers, plus talisman, charms and other curios

In honor of Summer (and my birthday) We're having a celebration! Use Coupon Code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY  at checkout to receive 25% off your total. By the way, this works in addition to the jewelry sale! 

Perhaps you were looking for a little information on Living a Magical Life, lessons from the Goddess or Empowering Yourself through creative adventures.

Just past the bins of herbs and flowers is the Blog {or as we like to call it, the Coffee Room}. Grab a cup and sit for a spell. 

If you can’t stay and I know sometimes life gets too busy to chat, Be sure to leave your information so we can let you know about all the new magic that happens!

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