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Merry Meet!
Greetings and Salutations my Magical Friends.

I’ve been expecting you however I’m not sure what you’re looking for...
My intuition only tells me so much.


Have a look around the Boutique!

You can find Goddess Inspired Spirit dolls, One of a Kind, energetically charged Artisan Jewelry, handcrafted ritual tools and altar decorations, homegrown and sustainable harvested magical herbs and flowers, plus talisman, charms and other curios

Perhaps you were looking for a little information on Living a Magical Life, lessons from the Goddess or Empowering Yourself through creative adventures.

Just past the bins of herbs and flowers is the Blog {or as we like to call it, the Coffee Room}. Grab a cup and sit for a spell. 

If you can’t stay and I know sometimes life gets too busy to chat, Be sure to leave your information so we can let you know about all the new magic that happens!

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