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Divine Timing, Manifesting or Magic. What works for you?

divine timing, manifesting, magic

I’ve been studying the Craft for quite a while.

I’m not always a good student; I get distracted by life. I forget what phase the moon is in. I’ve been known to misplace my tools in the middle of rituals. But I’ve kept going and I’ve had enough success that I keep coming back to it.

I’ve also been studying the Law of Attraction ever since The Secret came out on video.

I have  collected a sizable library and numerous techniques designed to make the law work. Techniques like vision boards, affirmations, mantras, visualizations.  I’ve also had some success using these techniques too, although everyone agrees that it doesn’t always work.

Neither does magic.

I have discovered the two theories actually go hand in hand.

They both require harmonious feelings, thoughts and actions to succeed. Both require you to visualize your desire and feel the emotional energy of what you want and then let it go. After which you do the mundane, everyday things that will bring you closer to your desire. They also both expect you to let go of the how.

It doesn’t matter how you’re desire comes about, only that you feel as you imagined you would when it shows up. When you get caught up stressing over the How, you tend to forget to focus on the feeling of the end results.

They differ only in practice and I’ll get to that in a minute.

In one of my manifesting groups, someone asked

“If everything happens according to diving timing, then how does manifesting techniques help?”

Divine timing is one of those happy little buzzword in the New Age circles.
Referring to the Divine is another way of saying God without all the negative connotations but a little more personal than saying The Universe.

 My ears twitch when I hear people talking about Divine Timing.
I’m a little wary about this mind set. I won’t bash it because it works just fine as long as we remember that WE are Divine.  Therefore Divine timing is always within our reach. If we think of the Divine as something outside of ourselves, we lose our power. We are at risk of falling into lower frequency vibrations thinking things never work out or we don’t deserve what we want…..or, you know, whatever old script we have playing in the background of our brain….

There are not many correlations of divine timing in Magic circles.  Witches tend to take responsibility for success or failures, based on the work they’ve done, the timing of such work and the energy created.  If anything, we connect Divine Timing with Astrological placements, moon phases and natural rhythms.


So my answer to the Question:

Divine timing is always when you’re ready to receive and not a moment sooner. Divine timing is determined by our own internal vibrations matching that of our desires and our willingness to allow this newness into our lives.
Gods, Goddesses, Angels, Demons, The Universe, curses, hexes….none of those are keeping us from what we want. None of those are blocking our magic. It is all on us. Only we decide.

However, our ability to Decide in the definitive sense is completely reliant on our own personal internal belief.

For example; I’ve decided about 3 times a year for the last 15 years that I am a millionaire. I deserve it, I’m worthy of it and I have million dollar ideas, so it should just be…..however….I still have some money blocks i.e. an internal belief system that doesn’t agree with my decision, therefore I’m not a millionaire….yet. Get it?

It’s all on me.  It’s not because the Goddess wants me to suffer or God doesn’t think I deserve it. It’s not because my mother cursed me with her own beliefs.
It’s my call and my work and ultimately, my decision.

So what’s the point? Back to the original question.

The point is these manifesting techniques we use have two purposes

1) They help us focus and re-focus. It’s so easy to get distracted from our goals and intentions.  Family, friends, work, news, Facebook, dinnertime…. We’re bombarded by things every day that scream “look at me! I’m more important!”  *usually one of my kids*
 We develop habits that zap our energy and we’re surrounded by things that are in conflict with our intentions.
Sometimes we think we want something but internally we reject it, we don’t believe we should have it. Such as:
  • our own limiting beliefs;  emotional blocks about money, love etc.
  • expectations from society or family; Why don’t you have kids yet, you should get married, get a business degree because there’s no money in the arts. etc.
The daily focus of using these techniques gives us the opportunity to either change our minds and go after what we really want or explore the blocks that keep us from getting what we logically know we deserve even when we don’t emotionally believe it.
Setting time every day to write or meditate or work our magic brings us back to the important matters.  
2) Each act of intention or magic working brings us back into vibration with what we want. It’s the vibration, the emotional energy that works the magic.
*which it think is the most important*


This is where witchcraft and new age manifesting techniques differ.

Manifesting teachers offer a number of ways to incorporate little actions into our everyday life. Techniques, such as leaving affirmations or vision boards where you see them or writing intentions so many times a day for so many days, work because they supply daily opportunities and reminders to move into those higher vibrations.

Except for those days when you’re tired and hungry and anxious about something coming up or sad about something that happened….

In the Craft, we take these techniques a step further.

We utilize various natural elements to help us align with the vibration of intentions. Gemstones and plant matter carry their own energy. Color, scent, and sound all have a subconscious effect on our brains. They work by emitting their own vibrations that affect other living things within a certain radius.

So when we sit down at our altars, we’ll smudge with sage to clear the area of any negativity, light some candles and incense *relying on the color and scent to trigger our subconscious*

Some witches will cast a protective circle and invite their own Spirit Guides, Deities or Ancestors to witness and support them in their manifesting intentions – but not all witches work with Spiritual Entities
*and that’s okay*

At this point we do the same kinds of manifesting techniques; visualization, affirmations, maybe we’ll create a vision board or write our desires in a journal.
Sometimes we opt to combine different plants, seeds, roots and gemstones into a mojo bag or sew them into a poppet. 
The elements we choose to add to bags or dolls carry the same vibrational qualities as our intention.

At some point in our ritual we set our intention onto our work. By that I mean onto the poppet or bag or writing. We hover our dominant hand over the work and let all the energy that we’ve built up run down our arm and out our palm to settle on and absorb into the charm bag.

My hand gets tingly during this.

Now the poppet or mojo bag is filled with the vibration of what we want.

At this point it’s a good idea to ground out the extra energy and then go backward to close out the ritual. Thank and dismiss your guides if you invited them, undo your circle if you cast one, snuff your candle if you lit them, etc.

The bonus to this aspect is that you get to carry your little bag in your pocket or slip it in your bra. It’ll keep the vibration of your intention; even when you’re tired or hungry or anxious or sad…

I’ve noticed that when I’m carrying something particularly intense, it’ll even ward off those sad and anxious feelings.

Strong vibrations always overpower weak ones.
Ever been in an okay mood and found yourself in the same vicinity of someone who’s really angry or really happy? Did you’re mood change? If you’re an Empath, these effects will be even more profound.

I’ve had days where I’m well-rested and highly caffeinated, ticking off my to-do list in record time, only to lose all momentum because The Renaissance Man came home from work exhausted.
*Dude! Seriously? Go to bed!*

I can’t say that I magically manifest better than someone who doesn’t use magic techniques. Everyone is different. Everyone want’s different things and has different belief systems about what is possible.

I can say that my success at manifesting has increased when I combined it with magic.

Have you combined the practices? Did you notice a difference? Share your thoughts!

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