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Fairy Queen Magic; The Subtle Influence of Aine

Aine Goddess Lessons

Aine Spirit Doll Queen of Fairies

This month of June we've been working with Aine, the Celtic Sun Goddess.

Her Theme is Bright Spark; it refers to Aine's radiance, her Sun-like qualities.

Aine is asking us to Shine, to Sparkle.

Aine Sketch

I spent as much time in the sun as the weather would permit.

I harvested mint, rose petals, lavender and lemonbalm- I couldn't find any meadowsweet.

I practiced extending my aura and sending healing energies to those in need.

I prepped some apple limbs for new wands - two of my kids have been asking to learn to cast circles, they need their own wands.

We watched Strange Magic

I made a Spirit Doll in honor of Aine.

I was feeling a little disappointed this weekend as I realized with all the busy work and summer things, I never really had the opportunity to show my Spark.

I was beginning to feel like other than our Midsummer Festivities, I really hadn't had a chance to connect with Her.

She told me otherwise.

I ordered handmade soap from the Earth's Cauldron. As much as I would love to make my own, I know I won't even try it until the littles are big. Soap making uses lye which is caustic and my kids are clumsy and always underfoot.

None the less, I love 'real' soap and I use a bar to make the guys their shaving soap. So I ordered the oatmeal/honey soap for the guys and a sampler for me *I'm in love!* and as a little gift, Kathy sent a sample of her Avalon Apple tea. *big hearts*

Avalon Apple Tea

It contains meadowsweet which is sacred to AIne.

I don't believe in coincidence, I know it's the Goddess sending messages.

When I finally had a chance to take some quiet time to enjoy the tea (delicious, by the way) It became clear to me that while Aine wasn't the upfront in your face Goddess, like Baba Yaga or quiet-whispers-in-your-ear Goddess like Sedna....She was definitely there.

She's been more like a facilitator... for me anyway.

I think in her own way she's been pushing this website production.

I've been getting one great idea after another. From product lines and regular blog posts, this is becoming a grander adventure than I originally intended.

My art projects have been very clear ideas, relatively seamless in their creation and turned out more beautiful than I imagined - which gave me time to work on other things.

It's a lot of busy work and setting up but It's Aine's way of pointing out that I don't have to play small, I don't have to dull my shine.

I don't have to hide in the crowded market of online shopping malls.

My little Haven here can shine and sparkle on its own.

She's also very soothing - a lot of my work with Goddesses has been about confronting fears and releasing emotions.

In the past, these kind of inspired ideas would have been followed with thoughts of "Can I do this? Am I enough?" and then panicky feelings and tears.

With Aine, those thoughts weren't even there. I didn't miss them but I did notice they were absent.

Instead they were replaced with "Awesome, How do I do this!"

*to which, of course, the answer was just do it!*

She's leaving me with a very long To-do List to carry on in the coming months and yet I'm not feeling overwhelmed.

I feel like I'll be able to break it down into bite size pieces or as Leonie Dawson refers to it; Riding One Wild Donkey at a time.

In a few days, we'll be welcoming the Greek Goddess Eurynome who has much to teach us about Dance.


I have this idea that the Goddesses all live near each other in another realm and they meet up on a big old porch of their collective clubhouse to discuss their work with us and our progress.

So I imagine, Aine is is meeting up with Eurynome, sipping sparkling lemonade and helping her to plan out the next steps of my evolution.

It's sure to be interesting - I love dancing!

So Tell me your take on the Goddess Aine - Have you had a chance to meet her?
What magic did she conjure in your world?

I'd love to hear!

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