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Gratitude and Abundance of Turkey

Corn Woman Goddess Lessons

Corn Woman

Corn Woman Spirit Doll is finished. I am grateful to have had her around this month.

She was the quite voice of encouragement every time worry got in the way of my focus.

November was all about writing the words. It was a personal challenge that might just benefit all of us! Yes I committed to NaNoWriMo just to see if I could write 50k words in a month.

and I can.

NaNoWriMo Winner 2015


During the month, life stuff would come up and I'd get distracted by my problem solving, working myself into a tizzy and Corn Woman would remind me to write.

For example. It snowed.

Shoot! Ruby Gloom doesn't have a winter coat. I mean seriously how does it go from 49 and sunny to 29 and blizzardy in the matter of 12 hours. *oh yea, I'm in the Midwest*

Can we get her a coat and still have grocery money? If I go all out for Thanksgiving, will we still have enough for a Christmas tree? What about gifts?....


I'll spare you the details of my tizzy because it's not worth the time or energy.

It was Selu, Corn Woman, who redirected me, sending me back to the keyboards with the promise that writing was like planting corn; sowing seeds.

The now would be taken care of, she assured me. We had done the work to reap the benefits for now. I needed to do the work so that I could reap the benefits for later.

So I wrote. I won. I have yet to finish ~but~ I pledged to edit in January *that means I have until the end January to finish*


In the mean time, Groceries were bought, a winter coat was bought as well as new sock for the little guy, holiday shopping has been started and we're getting a tree next weekend.



The craziest thing happened in that mess.

I was worried about a turkey. I had most of my Thanksgiving dinner food - I usually start picking it up a few weeks in advance - but I hadn't bought the turkey.

It's just not Thanksgiving without a turkey.

So a week before Thanksgiving, my husband stopped at the store *unsupervised* and bought a turkey. A good size one, too; 22 lbs.


Two days before Thanksgiving, my son comes home from work with a turkey.

His boss had put together some food boxes to give away to people in need. They had a couple extra after the event, so my son offered a monetary donation in exchange for a 12 lbs. turkey to cook with his friends, for Friendsgiving the Sunday after the holiday.

It was quite an interesting game of refrigerator tetris with two thawing turkeys in the fridge -I'm sorry to report that a drawer was broken.


The day before Thanksgiving, he came home with another 14 lb turkey that his boss had given each of the employees as a gift. 

I laughed so hard I cried and sent him out to the garage to put that one in the freezer.

Thanksgiving was wonderful, My husband hijacked my holiday and cooked everything. We kept saying we wouldn't make a lot because the older kids would be with their other families but we still made too much.

 The day after Thanksgiving my son had a spat with the hostess of Friendsgiving and decided not to go or cook. 

I currently have enough turkey to get us through January.....

Thank you Corn Woman for reminding me that Universe will always provide more than enough!

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