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Heqet's Gift

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Here we are, two weeks from the end of the season....and we're working with Heqet, the Egyptian Goddess of Childbirth and Fertility.

Our  focus is Restoration.

Heqet Fertility Wand


Logically, it seems weird, like maybe we should wait until spring to work with her.....but its  not. It's perfect. 


When working with Spirits and Goddess and other entities of the metaphysical variety, its important to remember that they focus on the symbolic.

I had to remind myself of that during the last weekend of September. The Renaissance Man and I were celebrating our anniversary in the usual way.

The kids were asleep, the door was locked and as the room started getting a little steamy I felt Heqet's presence.

Have you ever had someone walk up behind you and before they make a sound, you know exactly who it is and can picture them in your head? That's how it was, in my minds eye, I saw the frog-headed Goddess hovering on the side of my bed.

Here I am, getting all hot and bothered with my husband when the Egyptian Goddess of Fertility shows up in my personal space!


I had to remind myself that my tubes are tied; no more babies in my future. I politely asked if we could talk later and she stepped back while my guy and I continued the celebration of our life together.

*it was a lovely celebration, too*

I spent the next few days wondering what it could mean? Goddesses don't show up uninvited without a reason. And this one obviously had a plan for me.

What new project will I be nurturing, restoring, bringing to life?

And what does this have to do with the Samhain/Autumn season where everything is dying back and ready to go inward to rest through the winter?

Why would Heqet give me a new project during this time of reflection, this time of honoring the shadow side of life?

A couple things happened this week that gave me a glimpse of the bigger picture.

One friend posted a link to the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) website. As I read through the NaNoWriMo site, (purely out of curiosity) I felt this incredibly overwhelming urge to join in.

I've never wanted to write a novel.

I wouldn't even know where to start.

Writers have a language that I don't understand.

They use words like protagonist and plot.

They create conflict and suspense - I've spent my life avoiding both.

And yet here I am, harboring this daydream of writing 50,000 words of pure fiction.

What was I thinking! 

I can't even be relied on to write regular blog posts!

Yes. I signed up.

It was one of those completely illogical decisions based purely on a feeling.

And I feel awesome about it!

I don't expect to write anything worth publishing. I don't expect to get through it gracefully, either.

I'm just doing it for the experience and bragging rights.




The second thing that happened has got to be divinely inspired and orchestrated.

There's no other explanation.

Another one of my friends set up a challenge for the sole purpose of getting our shit together before the High Sabbat.

You are more than welcome to join us here: The Celtic's Guide to Samhain Cleaning

Out with the old, make room for the new.

Get everything all clean and tidy to celebrate with our ancestors on All Hallow's Eve.

In my mind the next two weeks will be a nesting period. I plan on spending a few hours everyday uncluttering and reorganizing, preparing for this new time in my life that I will call my Adventures in Noveling.

Heqet approves.




And going hand in hand with the cleaning challenge, Lyn is offering a free mini Chakratize You course that starts next Monday.

Of course I joined!

While I'm clearing out the negative energy in my house, I'll be clearing out the  negative energy in myself.

Restoring my soul, balancing my chakras and preparing for a new adventure.


 Even though Heqet decided to show up at the end of the year during the dying season, it makes sense when I realized that the gift; the new baby that she's encouraging me to nurture is a story.

Writing is a very winter process in its own way.

It involves going inside your mind to explore the darker side of your psyche; your shadow side.

With terms like abstract antagonist, inciting incident, creating conflict how can it not be?

And even though I'm beginning a new adventure, I'll still be creating Spirit Dolls.

I have Heqet ready and next month we'll be working with Corn Woman - so very appropriate with November being a Prosperity Month.


If you join in on the cleaning event be sure to join us on the Facebook page too, I'll be sharing pictures of my cleaning progress *sneak peak into my studio space* -for accountability purposes only *wink*

Hope to see you around!

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