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In the Kitchen with Annapurna

AnnaPurna Goddess Lessons

In the Kitchen with Annapurna

This month we are working with the Hindu Goddess of Kitchen, Cooks and  Food, Annapurna.

The irony wasn't wasted on me.

August is our month for cleaning out the pantry and stocking up. We spend a lot of time at farm stands and u-pick places in the summer.

I take advantage of this to stock up on fruits and vegetables that I can freeze and can to use the rest of the year.

This year we've slacked off a bit, we missed strawberries due to work schedules and a short season (lots of rain here). But now the Harvest season is upon us and Annapurna is urging us to get our act together.


Anna means 'food' and Purna means 'to fill completely'. Our theme this month is Nourish.  So while I'm busy filling up my pantry with food, I'm also making subtle nourishing changes in my diet and lifestyle.

Last month, Eurynome pointed out that I consume too much sugar. This month Annapurna is suggesting I try a Stevia extract for my coffee.

Seriously, if I cut out the sugar in my coffee, not only will I cut my refined sugar consumption by 75%, I'll also save myself some money on my grocery bill and probably lose a little weight. 

I know it's too much but I love my coffee and I love it sweet.

(BTW, we only buy sugar that says 'pure cane sugar'. If it doesn't specify 'cane' then the sugar is from beets and most likely genetically modified *GMO*
There is an argument that cane sugar is still sprayed with Roundup and organic cane sugar is the healthiest choice. I won't argue with that but my choice is based on our outrageous consumption and the cost of organic sugar.
When making diet and lifestyle changes it's better to make small changes over time than to try to switch a lot all at once)

So  this week I'll be making my first batch of stevia extract.

Cross my fingers and Goddess willing, this will be a feasible alternative and I can cut our consumption of refined sugar down to under 10 pounds a month *I know* and switch to organic!


Lyn asked the Circle how we viewed food and what is our relationship with it?

After many years of a tumultuous relationship with food, I'm proud to say that Food and I have found peace and are working hand to mouth to improve my overall life.

Food is medicine.

I will say this over and over.

As an ex-vitamin junkie (taking multi-vits to combat my poor diet) I know now that the nutrient we get from food work better to improve and heal our bodies than anything science can put together.

Every 4 to 6 months I make one small change. I may add something to my regular diet or take something away. Sometimes its just switching out one thing for another.

  • Just recently I added greek yogurt to my diet. I'm 40ish, I need the extra calcium and the naturally occurring probiotics have helped a slight tummy problem I was having.
  • I eliminated margarine and anything with partially hydrogenated oil. Now we use real butter, coconut oil or olive oil. It's a healthier choice and tastes better.
  • I've eliminated box food from my shopping trips. I cook everything from scratch with real ingredients. It takes a little longer but not much. Just like anything else, you get better and quicker with practice.

​I seriously believe that a lot of our illnesses can be cured and prevented with healthy eating, moderation and nutritious food and it's in our power to heal ourselves.

So this month I'll share some of my journey, some of my kitchen secrets and tricks.

Take what works for you and leave what doesn't.

I'm inviting you on this journey to take back your power and nourish yourself physically, mentally and spiritually with the help of Annapurna and real food!

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