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Inanna, Goddess of Love and Sexy Energy

Goddess Lessons Inanna


Inanna Goddess of love and sexy energyInanna has many stories about her carnal escapades.

She's got that  'love'em and leave'em' thing going on... however we're supposed to be focusing on the Strength aspects.

So I stated at the beginning of the month that I would be focusing on Physical strength.

And I've been sticking to that, although I started out a little grudgingly. Exercise is boring and repetitive.

But I was doing it, sort of.

One day, after a long day of stressing out, trying to juggle the extra kid, running the house, working the business and trying to pick up a shift, I drifted to that place between being awake and being asleep and I met Inanna for the first time.

She told me:
"You need to find a Belly Dancing video on Youtube. You'll love it." 


So the next day, when the boys went down for a nap, I found and instructional video on YouTube (I can watch on the tv, through the Xbox) and jumped right in.

One hour of wiggling and twisting and slinking around later - I didn't feel like I had a work out and yet, I felt great!

According to Inanna, I'm spending Waaaaayyyyy too much time in my head.
 "Get back in your Body - Feel your Body" she's been telling me.

So I've been doing that, as well as I can.

Why does it always seem so much harder to do when You make a concerted effort to do so? Am I trying too hard?






  • I've been trying to eat mindfully by paying attention to the taste and texture of my food. *not an easy feat for a busy mom*
  •  I've been carrying, wearing, and creating with 1rst and 2nd chakra gemstone - red, black and oranges.
  • I've been practicing the Belly Dancing moves -  which I then incorporated into an impromptu dance in my living room, when The Renaissance Man pulled me away from the computer in a romantic gesture; serenading me with Journey's Don't Stop Believing. *yep!  I made him blush.*
  • I've got all I need to start an herb garden. Putting your hands in dirt is So Very Grounding and my tried and true way of getting the energy back into my Body.  It's easier in the summer.

    I felt the shift immediately.
    I felt a clearing and the swirly magic feeling in my belly.
    I felt the energy soar through my limbs, until the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet tingled and throbbed.

    I love that feeling.

    I stopped stressing about things that were out of my control.
    I had an awesome Valentine's Evening with my husband.*wink*

    "Feel the sensations in you Body. Enjoy them. That's why you have a Body. Revel in it"

    I also had an impulsive purchase which I've since decided was meant to be. A gift from Inanna.

    *For the record. I don't buy impulsively. Everything I order has been thought about, researched and on a list*.
    So when The Sage Goddess posts about new listings - I check them out and move on. Unfortunately most of her stuff goes so quickly, I never get to order.

    I  opened up my Facebook feed to an announcement that She  just listed a limited supply of Cinnabrite. I clicked over to the  listing page, read the description, added it to my cart and  checkout before I realized I made a decision.

    I just received it yesterday and understood exactly why.
    It felt  like a part of me that had been missing. It has this energy that's like a switch, turning on that swirly belly energy.

    I've heard people call their crystals 'friends' and I never quite got it until now. It's my new favorite stone and I've tucked  her into my bra today.


     "Wonderful things happen when you get out of your head and  just allow and go with the flow!"

    So In between my Hip wiggling and my to-do list, whilst I'm trying to focus on Strength and Work and not stress about things I don't have control over.... I keep running into incredibly sensual and sexy passages as well as beautiful and intimate pictures.

    Little reminders from Inanna to not forget about the physical. Little distractions that are quite enjoyable.

    "Harness that energy, direct it, bid it to do your Will. Create with it, share it!"

    And that is what I'm doing.

    Taking this energy, attaching it to a thought, idea, focusing and feeling.

    Ground out the extra energy in whatever technique you choose.  

    Of course The Renaissance Man is all too eager to indulge with me in spending that extra energy, it's not necessary to have a partner to feel sensual or sexy.
    Revel in it by yourself. Imagine. That's where magic happens.

    I'm going to share a passage I stumble upon this morning. 

    I want all of you. I want you in sunlight when the light shines in your eyes and the rays warm the air and we laugh, and make jokes, holding each other on the beach as the surf foams at our feet.

    I want all of you. I want you in cloudy moments, when doubt shades your features and thunder rolls in the distance and the change in the air is charged with the coming storm.

    I want all of you. I want you when the storm catches you and the rain falls and rushes past our feet, sweeping away the debris of past pain, cleansing us and giving life to the feelings we can no longer deny.

    I want all of you. I want you in the cold, white, swirling chaos that is the snow as it lands on our eyelashes and blankets the landscape in silence and peace, the two of us finally finding a home.
    ~Author Unknown


    Wishing you warm tingly sparks, hot sexy dreams and lots of love and joy on this leg of your journey!

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