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Isolt and Consequences

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Have you ever read the story of Isolt and Tristan?

It’s a medieval romances from France; an Arthurian tale of a love triangle gone unexpected.

So long story short... Isolt is betrothed to the king.

Tristan, his best knight, is sent to fetch her.

Before she leaves Ireland, her mother whips up a love potion for her and the king to drink on their wedding night but didn’t tell her exactly what it was or what it would do.
So on the voyage to the king, she and Tristan break it open and fall madly and hopelessly in love.

The whole story is about the consequences of this little blunder. Both are trying to be loyal to the King while fighting the overwhelming desire to be together.

There are number of versions to this story. They all have that patriarchal influence hanging over them.

If you look at the oracle cards depicting Isolt, her message is always about undying love.

She’s considered the Celtic goddess of Love and Passion. She is said to influence in the matters of devotion in physical relationships.

I thought it was interesting that she would show up just as Mercury was going retrograde in the sign of Taurus. This whole retrograde period is a reflection on love relationships.

I mentioned this to The Renaissance Man and asked him if we’d be dancing or brawling this month. It could go either way, really.

He shrugged and *dirty old man that his aspiring to be* indicated that either way he’d be turned on!

*gives him my best "I'm-not-amused-face"*

Isolt’s story is more than just passion and sex, though.

She was denied options in the matter and was forced to live a life someone else wanted for her.
I suppose you could argue that she made a choice for the greater good but her heart wasn’t really in it.

I won’t get on my femi-nazi soap box. I could. The story just rattles all my feminist bones but it’s just a distraction from the real issue; the underlying message that I’m having a hard time acknowledging:


I know all about consequences (don’t we all).
Every action has and equal and opposite reaction. Everything we do or don’t do causes something else to happen.

I’ve had to live with quite a few consequences. Some were suffered through.....such as: “Yes, I’ll marry you.”
Others were tougher than I expected - even though I expected them to be pretty tough - like, “No, I’m not going to have an abortion” and later on “I want a divorce”.
Our choices produce consequences and eventually carry us through our destiny.

Consequences scare the *FUCK* out of me!
I learned early in life that the things we do can have long lasting effects. It’s made me more patient and less impulsive. I suppose that’s a good thing.

Still, seeing the theme for this month sent me in a little panic, questioning every possible choice. That kind of questioning paralyzed me in the past.

I was so afraid of the consequences that I refused to make decisions or take risks until I realized that there were consequences to not do anything.

Not making a decision is still making a decision – It just takes away your power.

So here I am, trying to maneuver through the month knowing that whatever I decide there will be a greater importance to the consequences.

Goddesses work that way, like last month when I refused to acknowledge my destiny and I everything I did pointed back to it!

So The Renaissance Man piled the kids into the car for a quick trip to the hardware store to buy more materials for the playhouse they’re building and my brain flowed at warp speed to all the possible things that could go wrong with that decision.

I heard Isolt whisper,   “Consequences can be Good”

Deep Breath, mama.

Consequences can be good!


Here's to Good Consequences this month, may we all make great decisions and reap the rewards! *Cheers*

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