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Life with Pele

Goddess Lessons Pele

Life with Pele

Pele has been a very sociable Goddess, in my experience.

I'm finding her everywhere and noticing her influencing  everyone.

Ruby Gloom who has been strictly a pink and purple kind of girl has taken  to wearing red. I mead like RED! Red velvet dresses, Red  crocheted legwarmers, sweaters, t-shirts, jackets. If there is something red in her closet, she has worn it this month!

The Padawan has taken a liking to 'bahL- cano's'. (volcanoes)  He's been using the word daily to describe everything, i.e. It's as big as a bahLcano, hot as a bahLcano, expwodes wike a bahLcano! His Dinosaurs are running from the volcano, his cars are racing up the volcano, and his rescue hero's are saving people from the volcano's

And what really struck me, Fast Eddie joined a Blacksmithing club. The one child that never showed much interest in learning a craft, came home with a hand-forged corkscrew and pictures of him making it! His excitement was so infectious that I saw the Renaissance Man pondering the idea of checking out the club!

Thank you Pele! You've been wonderful!

I think the most exciting Pele moment came after I stopped being pissed off,  while I was setting up my Spring Equinox Alter

(The funny thing about emotions is that once you stop resisting them, they move through you quickly)

Spring Altar

Part of my 5-year plan is to begin offering spell ingredients, talisman, handcrafted body products and begin Magical Life Coaching sessions. I had them planned out to begin when we move - mostly because I'm limited on space here.

The coaching sessions will obviously have to wait until the boys start school and I have a quiet space to Skype.
But anyway, As I was setting up Altar and rearranging some jars of herbs and flowers I've collected for my own use, Pele asked me,

"Why aren't you offering all of this? People need it."

And For the Life of me, I couldn't remember why. All I could do was stammer, "I don't know?"
Pele says

 "Well, what are you waiting for then? Get to it!"

And I mentally ran through the list of things I would need, Card stock, a label design, baggies.....

And with Pele's encouragement I've begun.

I have Dried Daffodil Petals in the shop   I'm still playing with label designs but Pele wouldn't let me wait.  I have a few more that will be available soon and will expand as I harvest more during the upcoming growing season.

dried daffodil flowers

Jump on the Wave of Inspiration and Ride it to your Dream!

Pele has been good to me.

A bit more intense and insistent than I'm used to but I'm not complaining! Some times you have to shake things up and change things around if you want to expand and grow!

As this month comes to a close and I'm finishing up my scheduled work and setting goals for next month,

In a few days, we, over at the Inner Goddess Circle, will be calling in the High Priestess to help us tap into our Innate Wisdom. I'll be documenting my journey but if you'd like to travel along side me, follow the link and join in the fun!

Until Next time, Lovelies, My you always honor Pele's Influence!

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