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Nourishing More Than a Body

AnnaPurna Goddess Lessons Home School

Annapurna, Nourishing more than the Body

Here we are half way through the month and I'm wondering about Annapurna.

She's all about the healthy live and nourishing body, mind and soul.

The focus was supposed to be on food, because food is medicine. The plan was to stock up the pantry and freezer and can stuff for the winter. 

Fruit and vegetables


That's not happening, yet.

It was one of those things were the electric bill came in higher than expected and the grocery budget was slashed to accommodate. And then a bunch of other things happened.

Out of habit, I stomped my feet in protest and whined a little,

"Why does this always happen to me!?!?!"

And then I realized I sounded just like my kids and that I think it's silly for grown-ass adults to act like victims, especially witchy adults. So I shook it off and accepted that there was a reason.

What happened because of our food shortage, was that I ate less fresh produce,  and relied more on the starchy sides, like rice and pasta salads, to get me through the day. I noticed that I felt sluggish and less focused.

And it clicked! Those things I read about fresh veggies having more prana (more chi/life energy) than cooked veggies became a reality for me.

I 'got' it! 

So I'm writing up a grocery list now full of fresh veggies and thinking about the other things that happened this month, so far......


I did a crazy and incredibly bold thing.

I made a decision and committed myself to something big.

(My heart is still racing when I think of it.)

I pulled my daughter out of public school to teach her at home.

I committed myself to being a homeschool mom.

There, I said it.



I know, everyone has their opinion and a few years ago I wasn't for it. The only person I knew who home schooled didn't seem to be doing her kids justice.

*I feel guilty for judging her, I didn't really know the whole story*

My decision wasn't impulsive, though.

(WARNING: I'm going to ramble a bit here)

I've been contemplating it for over a year. I wasn't happy with the system. My incredibly bright child was bored. She got in trouble for talking. She was utilized to 'teach' other kids. 

Instead of telling me about what she learned in class, she was telling me all the ghetto drama of what happened with her classmates.

The only school work she was excited about were the research papers that she worked on independently while the rest of the class were busy learning lessons.

And then there was the fact that I want to teach her more practical things, like cooking and sewing and Goddesses and magical living stuff, only by the time she got home, she was so burnt out on other peoples energy that we had no time.

She was either a sobbing mess because kids were mean or She was meaner than a junkyard dog and impossible to instruct.

And then there was the transportation issue. We only have one car. School is 4 blocks away so no bus service. If it were just she and I, we could walk it. Even with the trains that notoriously stop and sits in our way:

Train Tracks

Even in the snow and frigid weather

*we ARE Vikings, afterall*

Even with the high school kids that walk our route and tend to fight on the corner.

But it's not just she and I.

Its she and I and the Padawan who can't walk the whole trip and in the afternoons we have my nephew who can't walk any of the trip.

Come winter, I won't be able to push the stroller with 2 bundled boys through the snow

(and most people around here don't shovel their walks *assholes*)

Last year I kept the car on bad days. This past May, my hubby got a new position in a different store and is required to have his own transportation at all times. So that option is gone.

But in spite of all the legitimate reasons, my final decision was based on a gut feeling.

The idea of sending her to school filled me with dread but the idea of keeping her home and incorporating my beliefs into her lessons felt really exciting.

So for half of what I would've spent buying school supplies for her entire class, I ordered a few books from Amazon and subscribed to We start next week.

And while I was grumbling about the food situation and writing lesson plans and doing the busywork behind the Haven....Annapurna was showing me that nourishment isn't just about food.

Society says we are required to provide food, shelter and clothing for our children.

Annapurna is saying that we can do more. We can nourish their body, mind and souls!

  • We can share our beliefs.

  • We can give them the tools to live a better life.

  • We can give them the attention they wouldn't get in the over crowded public schools.

What are your thoughts on a magical education for children? What things do you think are important for an 8 year old to know?

 Tell me in the comments! I'm totally open for suggestions :)


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