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November’s Goddess Corn Woman

Corn Woman Goddess Lessons

Corn Woman Quote

I'm half way through my Novel for NaNoWriMo. I didn't think I could get here but I did. I think what's more exciting is that I have a real story going. 

I started with no characters, no setting, no plot and no ideas.

*living on the edge over here*

Seriously,  I was three pages in before my main character named herself.


I started writing and the story started to flow. I know when I finish the month I'll have a good rough draft.


**Rough Draft**


It will need revisions, it’ll need fluffing out. I'll need to expand the setting and actually describe things like indoor spaces and outdoor spaces and the kind of car she drives.


I'll have to flesh out my characters and actually explain what they look like and maybe give them... oh, I don't know...last names.


I admitted when I start this that I didn't know why I started, I just felt really compelled to challenge myself. My over-achiever gene kicked in and I joined a couple groups to keep me on track and provide me with accountability.


One of those groups sent me on a vision quest - made me actually figure out why I was writing - so I did a bit of journaling. It was more like free-writing.  I didn't think, I just wrote.


And when I read it, one sentence stood out and made my heart race. Yep! That was the one. The reason I'm writing.


I write because the Goddesses told me to. I have their stories and they want them heard.


For the last two years, I've been working with a different Goddess every month. The process of creating Spirit Dolls requires me to tune into the Spirit of the Goddess. I read her myths, I view her images, I talk to her as I create. I intuit what message she has for me and you and all of that goes into the doll.

 Well, all that is now going into my story. But it's not a recreation of their myth, is more like an example of how Goddesses can help us now.

 This story feature a young mother at a turning point (duh, because without conflict, there wouldn't be a story) Baba Yaga plays a part in guiding her, healing her and helping her through the turmoil, but she doesn't know it until half way through and then she doesn't really believe it until the end.

 I apologize for the poorly written synopsis. I'm just starting out on this writing thing; I'm like a baby writer still.  I have to hone my skills.

 In the past two days a couple other Goddesses have nudged me. I have volunteers for future stories! *Yeah! But I’m trying to finish this one first!* I think it will be an interesting read, I know I'm having a blast writing it!




So after two weeks of writing, my soul was aching to create. We're working with the Native American Goddess known as Corn Woman. We're focusing on Abundance.

 I would totally love to tell you that I won the lottery but unfortunately I haven't left the house to buy a ticket.

 Focusing on Abundance doesn't always net you dollars and cents. Sometimes it shows up in fruits and vegetables or 50,000 words.


Sometimes it's about setting the foundation to create more abundance. It’s like saving part of this year’s harvest for next year’s crop.

It’s taking a class or learning a new skill, or writing a novel


Sometimes it’s about removing emotional blocks to allow the flow of goodness in your life.

Like making sure your field is free of stones and has access to a water supply.

It’s clearing out clutter both physically and emotionally to make room for better things.




Anyway I sat down to connect with Corn Woman. I’ve already done my research; I've read her stories and viewed her art, so tonight I sculpted her face.

And I thanked her for showing me her wise face, the old one with all the lines and character. I love sculpting those faces, they're so beautiful!

corn woman face

In between writing sprints, I’ll be bezeling her face, wrapping her with cloth, adding gemstones and listening for her messages. I’ve already heard a few such as, “Just do the work and the rewards will follow” or, “Err on the side of Love.

And speaking of which!


If you haven’t been around this week, we’re have an awesome giveaway because I love you and want to send some magic out for the holidays!

Celebrate is a Fairy Spirit doll wrapped up in the festive color purple, with cloth wings and a whole lot of magic.Celebrate Fairy Spirit Doll Giveaway


The drawing runs until November 30th. On December 1rst I’ll announce the winner and send the lucky person and e-mail. If that’s you, get back to me as soon as possible so I can get her in the post and delivered in time for the holidays!

I have another big announcement on Saturday  *hint: it involves freebies!

Have a wonderful week my friends, and always remember to trample fear by ‘Erring on the Side of Love’


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