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Pele's Temper

Goddess Lessons Pele

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If you read the stories about Pele (and you should) you'll see a theme going.

First, she has a thing for love affairs (oh-la-la)  and Second, she has a temper.

That should have scared me away a bit but somewhere in my fluffy-bunny optimism, I just dismissed this fact. I choose to focus on the good qualities of passion and creation.

Silly me, I know you can't have one without the other.

In my mind's eye I saw myself hula dancing through my responsibilities, creating art with abandon and spending my evening and spare moments in hot steamy embraces with the Renaissance Man

HA! Silly me.

Not saying that I didn't do all that this month but........

I didn't envision me stomping around my house waiting for my husband to get home from work - 3 hours late.

~Or scrubbing my counter furiously after consoling a sobbing daughter on her Birthday because her dad is still an idiot.
~Or the mean-spirited raging thoughts flying through my head when BabyMama chose not to spend her day off with my nephew because she had 'things to do'.

I'm not a big fan of being angry. There are other emotions to get your blood pumping and heart racing.

I usually choose NOT to feel angry.

But sometimes Anger is part of Passion. I think that's what this was about.

I'm very passionate about my family. I'm very protective and supportive and I got angry when they weren't treated right.

Normally, I rely on reason, logic and faith to avoid Anger in these instances.

For example, I know my ex-husband is a bit self absorbed and inconsiderate to others feeling AND my Pisces daughter is incredibly sensitive and 20 years old and can handle it.

I've long ago made peace with the fact that the two of them have their own karmic dance to work out and it's not going to be helpful to any of us for me to interfere.

But Pele wasn't having any of my avoidance. She decided that I needed to feel this.

And while I go out of my way to NOT feel angry I do see the benefit.

Energetically, Anger clears away a lot of the stagnant debris that gets caught up in the dealings of everyday life.

Lets face it, we don't take the time to really 'feel' our emotions when we're in the middle of something.

If you're part Viking like me, you've told yourself, "I'll cry about that later, I got shit to do right  now" and then Later never shows up; or if it did we missed it.

Those emotions didn't get released so they got stuck. Anger is like fire, like molten lava, it disintegrates anything caught in its path.

This is Pele's Gift to us.

In the destruction of the debris comes a chance for new growth and endless possibilities. By clearing out the old, decayed and no longer useful energies; we open ourselves to the fresh and new and much welcomed. The Universe hates a vacuum

The other benefit is that my house got really clean!

Pele Altar

And then the Renaissance Man decided to switch industries and started job hunting and the Idiot made amends to my daughter and they're cool again. The BabyMama Drama is still playing itself out and still pissing me off.....but I'm not avoiding the feelings.

*I do want to point out that my Angry feelings did not result in me doing anything other than cleaning my house. I didn't call my ex. I didn't bitch at my husband and I never uttered or texted a single hateful thing to the BabyMama. Just because I was Angry at the moment doesn't give me the right to verbally (or physically) attack anyone. Emotions are like water, they ebb and flow. I'm wise enough to know I shouldn't cause permanent damage because of something so temporary as an emotion*

I did have to reassure my family that my edginess wasn't because of them.

I tried to explain that it was just Pele helping me clear away some stagnant energies in the nooks and crannies of my Energy Field but they kind of got that blank look on their faces and asked what for dinner.  


That was my curve ball this month. So far.

The month is not over and I still have some more Pele Art to create, more emotions to feel and more passion to act upon!

Until next time, Feel those feelings, Starseeds

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