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Persephone's Message - Emerging from the Darkness

Goddess Lessons Persephone

Persephone -emerging from the darkness


What can I tell you about Persephone? 

It’s been a busy month, She’s spoken a couple times but that wasn’t the focus of this month.

This month, my focus has been the website and marketing plans. I suppose it’s been appropriate topic for Persephone to oversee.

We all know the story of Persephone. We know she was abducted by Hades and taken to the underworld.

We know how her mother, Demeter, raged and mourned and withheld the sun’s light so the world went cold and barren.

We know how Zeus bartered for her return but Persephone herself, chose to eat  the pomegranate seeds and couldn’t return topside for long.

Her story is about the return of spring; the return of life and growth and warmth.

That’s the story that everyone knows. And that’s the theme here in the middle of July with a heat index over 100 degrees.

The theme of emerging from the shadows; from the darkness.

Which is why it makes sense that she’d been here while I re-opened my Haven, and branched out into other social media sites. In a sense, I’m emerging.


But that’s not her complete story, there’s  another side to her story that I’ve been getting glimpses of.  A side of the story that may just have more importance that the return of Spring.

She came to realize that the light needed darkness as much as the darkness needed light and she was willing to embrace both.

She was the beloved daughter, robbed of her innocence, ripped from her mothers care. 

And then she was the Queen of the Underworld.

I’m catching glimpses of that universal mother/daughter relationship. Mom wants her baby to stay a baby and daughter struggles to become herself.

I’m reminded of a song by Ani diFranco called Out of Range:  

 This part has been ringing in my head as I write this:

I was locked
Into being my mother's daughter
I was just eating bread and water
Nothing ever changes
And I was shocked
To see the mistakes of each generation
Will just fade like a radio station
If you drive out of range.


For Persephone and all daughters, It’s imperative to leave our mother’s world in order to become ourselves.

It’s scary and it’s uncomfortable and its absolutely necessary.

When She came back, she was not the same little girl who left. She was wiser and stronger.

She was a Queen, a gracious and benevolent Queen who slipped away regularly during the summer to greet and welcome the recently deceased into the underworld. She never abandoned her responsibilities.

She didn’t hate her captor who stole her away. I suppose she may have at first, but she grew to respect him because it was his actions that led her to become the Goddess that she was.

(can we do the same? Can we forgive and learn to respect the events that ripped us from our innocence and started us down the path to who we are becoming?)

She didn’t become Demeter’s successor or second in command, as her mother may have planned.

(can we walk away from other people's plans for us? Can we follow our hearts to do what we long to do?)

She became herself, The Goddess and Queen that is encouraging us this month to Emerge from our Darkness and show the world what a wonderful Queen we have become.

She’s encouraging us to embrace both the light and the dark sides of life and find our gifts somewhere in between.

She’s reminding us that we have to balance work and play, light and darkness.

She’s reminding us that we can rise above the tragedy of our past and overcome the obstacles placed in front of us to BE the person we want to be.

Does her message resonate with you? Tell me about it!  ((hugs))

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