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Surprise! Freya’s here!

Freya's Cats


Freya’s been calling me for a while. She tugs at my heartstrings and pulls me toward her.  Yet in spite of years of her tugging and teasing, it wasn’t something I could force. She and she alone would decide when we should work together.

Last year I made a list of Goddesses I wanted to work with and then plugged them onto a calender. I suspected that I was being a bit ambitious; I often felt like a new goddess every month was a little overwhelming. Sometimes, I feel like 8 would be more workable, but I had 12, (maybe next year I’ll cut it back).

Freya landed on June. It seemed counter intuitive.

Freya, the beloved Scandinavian Goddess elicits images of snow drifts, pale blues, frost and a sleigh drawn by two giant blue cats…

Freya should grace the month of January.

But, alas, January was taken by Aradia, who was very adamant about keeping her spot. June was where Freya landed so I let it be.

Fast forward to last month; May was supposed to be Rhiannon’s domain, but we never got around to having our little sit down, or anything else for that matter.

It was disappointing.

My month was scattered and distracted. I lost focus on my spiritual practice, studies and my art. I felt guilty. I decided I could move Freya to next January and let Rhiannon have June. Logically that would work and fit better with my own idea of what Freya is.

June started out much different. There’s been a different energy than there was in May.  It took me a couple days to realize it.

Saturday morning, the Renaissance Man and I had a long discussion about things we wanted to change/improve in our lives. It’s not something new, but it had been a while.

I approached it differently this time. I admitted I needed more structure and more help.  I told him outright that I wanted to make my little hobby business a family affair. I wanted his help making art. I wanted his help in getting the kids involved.  I gave him a list of things he could make that would work well on my shelves.

 I also wanted his help in setting up a more structured day. My biggest problem is getting the kids (and myself) down for the night and waking up at a decent hour in the morning. He gave up his vampire card years ago when he was working at the bakery. I’ve been more reluctant. He needed to make sure I was out of bed before he left for work every day.

This new bossiness startled me. It’s not really my style. I’m too laid-back to tell people what to do, even and especially my husband. I pride myself on not being the nagging wife or a control-freak.

But Saturday morning It was very clear to me that I needed to take control of my days and my livelihood and he was the perfect person to help me.

He was a little too eager to wake us up early Sunday morning and the kids were unusually cooperative at bedtime, furthermore, I’ve gotten more done in the last three day than I have in the last two weeks.

By Sunday night, when I stepped out to look at the moon, I had begun suspecting that there was some new magic swirling about my home.  It was confirmed in the light of the moon and the feeling of a presence hovering about.

“Rhiannon?  Is that you?” I knew immediately it wasn’t . I intuitively knew that Rhiannon would show up another time. I wasn’t ready for her.

“Freya?”  I felt a resounding “Yes!” and the warmth of a Goddess hug.   It was one of those moments when I’m startled by my emotional response. I was so happy to feel Her near that my eyes teared up. (now, mind you, I’ve never actually worked with her before but she felt so familiar.) I’ve been giddy with excitement ever since.

This is going to be a Great month!

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