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The Energy of Pele

Goddess Lessons Pele

Hello! How have you been?

Me, you ask?

I've been absent, but you noticed intention of writing weekly posts here, kind of fizzled into vapors and was blown away with the March winds.

*I'm not going to hold that against me, though. I'm just going to pick up where I left off and keep going.*

So, March is Passion month with the Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes, Pele. Of course she, like every other Goddess I've worked with, threw me a curve ball.

I was quite excited and slightly intimidate to work with Pele. Excited because I like feeling passionate and slightly intimidated because...well...what can I really learn about Pele...way over here, landlocked in the middle of America, wading through 2 feet of snow?

Pele is a living Goddess. People know her.

Part of what I do every month working with different Goddesses is discover who They are and how They can help us so I can share that here. For you, my beloved readers, and me because I remember things better when I teach others.

I guess my fear was, What if I get it wrong? What if what I share here isn't what the People of Hawaii know about Her.

She laughed at me, She laughs a lot.

She reminded me that we are Human and therefore we receive the messages of the Divine in Human ways....Which is to say that its filtered through our experiences, viewpoints, hopes, and fears.

First on my list this month was to make the Pele Spirit doll.

the energy of pele

She turned out beautifully. Her face is so happy.

Most of the time when I plan my dolls, I sketch out an idea and then in the course of creation They dictate changes.
But Pele didn't; she was very cooperative. She was quite happy with the silk sari ribbon wrap and the peridot chips.

I was back and forth about her hula skirt. I really wanted to use it, It came from a stash of craft supplies from my grandmother. She loved luau's. It was always the theme of her birthday party. But I wasn't sure it was the right look for such a powerful Goddess.

Pele was thrilled with the idea, being a Patroness of Dance and all.

pele's passion necklace

My second job was to make a piece of jewelry honoring Her. And once again, Pele was there to over-see the construction and the necklace turned out beautifully.  

I'm even more stoked about this one because it uses a number of components. One of which was a weave that I'd never attempted before. And (Thank you Pele) It stitched up beautifully!

The new weave is the section of red flowers and Obsidian rounds.
I wasn't sure if they would work. The Obsidian rounds were bigger than I   anticipated when I ordered them.

So suffice to say the first 2 weeks of this month were incredibly busy with  creative projects.

Part of that may be due to my new crystal friend, (I'm going to blame Pele for this too.)

See, I have a nice collection of Healing Crystals. I mostly use them in crystal grids during intention rituals or healing rituals.
So while I honor, clean and charge all my rocks, I don't have a personal relationship with every one of them.

This particular one kept showing up around my house. The Padawan is drawn to my crystals and tarot cards. * I'm sure it's just their energy. Little kids feel it easier than adult.*

So I wasn't surprised to find this guy out of place. I kept picking it up and putting it back over and over until one day I found it on the floor and since I was in the middle of something I shoved it in my bra, opposite side of my cinnabrite.  

(what?!? I was wearing yoga pant - no pockets)

peach aventurine

That night I put both on my bedside table and the next morning I  instinctively grabbed them both to carry again. Curiosity got the  best of me, so I  looked it up.

Peach Aventurine increases the energy of the sacral chakra, It  helps with decision making and boosts creativity.

Well that explains a lot. It doesn't have a real strong energy but  when I'm carrying it I come up with some great ideas and seem to  manage to see them through quickly and efficiently.
So yes, It's my new Crystal Friend.

The month wasn't all sunshine and roses, though.  There were those curve balls I was talking about but I'll leave that for tomorrow. It's late.

Pele's Spirit Doll is available here and Pele's Passion Necklace is listed here 
So until tomorrow, I'll leave you with a quote

pele's dream quote


Love and Kisses, Star Dreamers!

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