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The High Priestess and Your Innate Wisdom

High Priestess

High Priestess and your innate wisdom

Every Month at the Inner Goddess Circle we work with a new Goddess.

I take my inspiration to create my art and share my experience here.

Lyn is the Queen Bee over there. She is the one who divinely chooses the Goddesses and writes up the workbook, records the meditation, and hosts the Facebook Group as well as a few other Members Only activities.

This month we're working with The High Priestess and the Theme is Innate Wisdom.

Technically She's not a Goddess, but she is Divine, has her own Energy and Influence is beneficial to recognize in our lives.
So one of the journal prompts in the monthly workbook asks 

"What does the High Priestess mean to you? Can you fulfill the role and do you want to?"
This is not my first dance with the High Priestess. I wrote about it here.  That experience sent me searching.

What exactly does a priestess do? How does one become a priestess?  Is that what I'm being call to do?

I googled it.

I found a few 'Schools', skimmed through some articles, picked up a few books.
I talked to a few friends.

One Witchy friend, High Priestess of her own Coven, laughed and laughed. She said,

"Heather, you ARE a Priestess. You don't need a fancy school or piece of paper, you already do the things a Priestess does, in your own practice and your own life."

So what does a High Priestess do?

Well I know that she holds Sacred Space. She clears away negative energy, sets the tone and holds a particular vibe - happy, calm, serene, healing.

I can (and do) do this in my home, for my family. I have to; for my own sanity and for the health and well-being of my kin.

It's always been an intuitive thing for me. I just sense what needs to be done and do it.

Normally, with each new Goddess, I read through her myths to get a feel for her and the lessons she wants to share.

However, the High Priestess doesn't have a myth, So I Headed over to Amazon to find a Book and I found this:



It's really good, It's kind of like a refresher; discussing the balance between masculine and feminine, balancing the elements, connecting with your own divinity.

It's about going back the beginning, starting with the foundation of the craft and building another layer of understanding upon it.  She fully encourages journaling and offers journal topics to explore at the end of each chapter.

I'm loving it - things in my brain are clicking - the puzzle pieces are finally fitting together.


Yesterday I began the High Priestess Spirit Doll.

It was Thee Most Aggravating Sculpt to date.

What I wanted wasn't anything elaborate, just a standard face, and for the life of me I couldn't sculpt it. Finally after the third time I smooshed up to start over, I asked out loud:

"What the F*** is wrong with me? Why can't I do this?

"Not every Spirit is going to be easy to connect with"

So I took a deep breath shrugged my shoulders a few times and asked: "where do I start?"

"Start at the beginning. Build up from the foundation"

Fortunately I've been watching Bones - so I pushed the clay into a rudimentary skull shape and began adding layers. filling out the eyes, brow, nose, cheek bones. Layer upon layer, thin little snakes and sheets of clay, smoothing them into place, erasing the cracks, adding more, shaping, smoothing, polishing.

"Like reading and math and life. One step at a time, each layer building up from the foundation."

Its true. you can't do algebra if you don't even understand basic math. You can't read if you don't know your letters.

Apparently, magic is the same way. You can't perform the duties of a High Priestess if you don't know the basics.

  • The elements
  • the properties of herbs and crystals
  • the Universal symbols and Awareness.

You can't manipulate energies if you're not aware of the energy.

I may be off, but I'm starting to see the High Priestess isn't just something you are, it's something you do. It's a practice, like law and medicine.

If you stop Doing it, you become rusty and forgetful. If you don't start at the beginning, with the basics, you're being sloppy and will make mistakes

high priestess face sculpt


Here's what 6 hours created. This is right out of the oven. I still need to paint. I have a feeling this is going to be a very insightful month.

I'm off to paint, one layer at a time :)

Getting back to basics, baby!

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