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Vila - Healing through Change

Goddess Lessons Villa

Vila - Healing through Change

Happy May everyone!

It's warm and sunny today and I should be outside in the yard or at my work table  but I had a breakthrough and need to jot it down- you know get it out of my head and all that.

So this month we're working with Vila,  who is more accurately defined as Goddess Energy moving through the earth as nature.

She is better referred to as They as there is more that one form of nature energy.

They have been reduced to tales of fairies and vindictive beings, as is common our fear-based patriarchal history. They are shape-shifters and retain the knowledge of healing plants. They are very protective of the ones they choose.They will share their knowledge and bestow blessings of health and abundance.

I was very glad to be moving out of my head (too much time with the High Priestess) and back to a very grounding nature Goddess.

I also have a confession.  

The last couple weeks or so, I've been struggling with the blues, for no particular reason. I was feeling listless and tired and uninspired. I was feeling physically heavy, like I'd gained weight overnight and My house was in a constant state of disarray which was driving me crazy.

But in an effort to keep moving forward, I continued going through the motions and at the beginning of the month I did my monthly card readings. One related to the Goddess, Vila and the other to recognized the energies of the month.

Both readings were nearly identical  - which is strange as hell -(you would thing they would always be similar but they haven't been)  And both of them emphasized the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone, changing and making Me-time a priority.
Vila is imploring me to Shape-Shift. Change. Heal.

Of course I had no flipping idea where to start.

I like who I am, I like my life, I'm still working toward achieving the personal goals I've set and I'm not willing to scrap all my work and start over in a different direction.

So I cleaned my house. and then I cleaned some more. And I played with fire and alcohol ink.

*its good to do something different on a regular basis - it shakes up your brain- keeps it sharp*

collage, altoid tines

And then I finally decided I needed to get busy with real work and buckled down to design a piece of jewelry for Vila.

But I didn't want to do the same old thing.

Don't get me wrong, I love every piece of Goddess jewelry I've created. Each piece was exactly right at the time it was created for the Goddess it represents

It just felt like I needed to do something different this month


I pulled out every bead and chain and supply material in the earthy-green/brown tones of a forest. And realized I was designing a mixed media piece.

work table


It's been a couple years since I've done one but I believe the time is right.
I actually woke up excited this morning! I knew I would have a few hours to play before my nephew gets here and my house is clean, so I can!

Apparently the Vila approves because this is the card I pulled this morning!


Energy Oracle Card by Sandra Anne Taylor

Victory- "The achievement may be a great outer success, or it may be a deep inner change that you've been exerting a lot of effort toward. Enjoy this sense of accomplishment...."

Will Do! As I play with beads and wire and chain and silk!
I'm going back to my inspiration table 

Wishing you an Abundance of Healthy Vibes and Inspiring Ideas!

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