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Vila's Influence

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Villa's Influence

This weekend was a rough one.

Did you feel it?

All the astrologers and lightworkers were warning and coaching. There was a lot of cosmic garbage in the air that was affecting us, bringing up old issues and poking at our hot buttons.

I was in tears most of the weekend and of course my ego was desperately trying to make it personal with snide comments and horrid ideas ("it's because you suck!" and "this is a waste of time" or "Its never going to amount to anything")

Villa is reminding us it was our job to feel and let go - hence all the tears - I made it through!

I have a secret weapon for times like that.

I call her the Great Mother and when my Inner Mean Girl starts being really Vicious, She's at my ear whispering sweet nothings and rubbing my back.

In between crying fits I managed to get a few things accomplished. I got a good start on my outdoor sanctuary to Honor Vila and the other Nature elements.

I cleared out some rouge weeds and debris at the back of my property and moved and old table over.  I have a giant blue gazing ball, a potted geranium and some other outdoorsy natural elements to decorate the space.

I couldn't bare the idea of digging up the violets so I left them and moved some wild rose rambles closer
Looking up at the black Walnut tree, (with the weird vine that grows over everything) I intend to add bells and ribbons. This part of my yard stays cool in the summer because of the shade.

It's been raining since I've done this and now the grass is knee high and wet, so I'll get back to it when we mow again.


I also finished  two boho-style mixed media necklace and bracelet sets.

The first one has Aventurine and a silk sari ribbon.

Boho Aventurine Set

The second is dyed green quartz and a funky blue-green stone.

The necklace has a green Buddha bead and a hand sculpted pendant that says Change.

Buddha's Change

I'm happy with the results and will continue to make more of these. I'm loving the style!

But not today. Today I've got exciting plans.  

Today I begin a Goddess Villa inspired Adventure!

Remember last week I was all "I don't wanna change!!!! I like things the way they are!!!!"  HA!.

Last night as I was falling asleep, my mind was hijacked and I was innundated with 'new looks' and  logo possibilities and branding ideas and  two phrases kept repeating "Be you, Be the Mystic" and "Indie Made"

So this morning I googled IndieMade - I'm signing up for the free trial and playing with their themes. If I find the right one, I'm moving house - Blog, shop, announcements - all under one roof. . I'll let you know how that goes!

*Update 8-9-2016 - IndieMade is a great beginner's site. It's affordable with an easy interface and worked wonderfully for the first year. I've since moved because my inventory was growing beyond their capacity and I wanted more flexibility with designing my pages. 

Until next time!!! I'm wishing you exciting adventures and quiet spaces!

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