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When the Goddess says Dance

Eurynome Goddess Lessons

Dancing with EurynomeEvery month, when I start working with the new Goddess, I do a little research.

*I like research, I'm kind of a geek that way*

I scour the internet for references and information.

I'm curious: what did the ancients believe of Her? What have others experienced? What can I expect? What message does She have for me?

While I do my research, I check my collected facts against my own intuition. If it doesn't feel right then it's not the right message for me.

I try really hard not to be influenced by what's out there.

I want an authentic experience. I don't want to just jump on another person's bandwagon and say, "Yeah! Me too!" if it's not the case.

So this month, as I've been working with Eurynome, I'm finding that  She's very talkative.

She jumps into my everyday thoughts - even the random rhetorical ones like "would I be thinner if I gave up eating meat?"

*answer* "No. You eat too much sugar."

or "Hmmm...I wonder if purple cone-flowers have magical properties?"

*answer* "oh yes! you should go harvest them when it gets cooler today!"

She's pushy, too.

As in pushing me to follow her advice, follow my ideas, follow through on everything.

I've been really busy thanks to Her chatter. But it isn't really the kind of deep meaningful messages I seek.

I'm always looking for deeper meaning and guidance to the questions, "Why am I here?" and "How can I serve?"

*Thank you Scorpio Moon*

I went back to Her myths and the etymology of Her name.

I have a problem. The reference to Eurynome as the Goddess of water-meadows and pastureland isn't sitting right with my intuition. That would be the Greek translation or closest word choice, any way.

But if She is actually a pre-Greek Goddess, it's possible that her name translates to Wide Wanderer or Wide Ruler which resonates a lot better with me and my impression of Her.

The Compromise by Dorian Cleavenger

She's in numerous myths as a lesser Goddess but always related to water.  

In the Peloponessus there was reported a Statue of Eurynome looking like a mermaid.

If we follow these myths, we can go all the way back to when She was a Creation Goddess and Danced her way through existence separating the water from the sky.

Then she created Ophion, the snake made from wind who lusted after her.

She took him as a Lover transformed into a dove to lay the Universal Egg. She then commanded Ophion to incubate it and as it hatched it spilled out Earth.

After that she rose to the Heavens to watch her world and children grow, even taking Ophion with her as her consort.

Well, that is,  until he started taking all the credit for Creation. Eurynome wasn't having any of that, She 'kicked him in the teeth' and threw his sorry self off Mt. Olympus. *I love that*

This is my favorite story of her - although the one about her adopting Hephastus was heart-warming.

This one rings the loudest.

But it begs the question, Is Eurynome a Water-goddess, an Air-goddess or an Earth Goddess? Perhaps as the Pelasgian myth says she is the Goddess of All.

  • Her theme would be Sacred Dance.

  • Her animals' the dove and the snake.

  • Her gemstones' larimar, aquamarine.

  • Some of her gifts are Peace, Balance, Unity and Removing Blocks.

But not in the gut-wrenching-pail-of-tears kind of demolition of removing blocks.

It's removing emotional blocks in the get-up-and-move, forget-the-what-if's kind of demolition that creates something new as it does away with the old.

A transformation.

The kind you get when you allow ecstasy to take over.

This month I've been making a point to turn on music and dance with the kids as we make dinner. Lots of laughter and silly-ness ensue.

*watch a three year old with a robot voice stomp around chanting 'uptown funk you up, uptown funk you up' *

*try not to laugh*


I've made a point to spend Sunday nights with my husband, no distractions. A blessed relief from our crazy busy life that had us waking up and realizing it had been 3 weeks since our last 'get-together'


I've made a point to jump on impulses.

To just jump in and do that idea that created a spark of excitement.

To 'ride that wild donkey' to the finish line.


Without a second thought. Without questioning whether I should. Without wondering what others (my mom, my aunts, my uber-Christian relatives) would think.


I'm choosing to jump into my ideas for the thrill it gives me. For the joy of the racing heart and light-headed feeling.

 Cheap Thrills!?! *crazy eyes*

It's the closest thing I can get to Ecstasy. Hey! We can't always pull a St Teresa.

St. Teresa of Avilla


So what message am I getting this month from the Lovely Eurynome?

​I'm thinking the lesson is:

Do what you Love,

            Do what makes you feel good. 

        Laugh    ~      Dance     ~      Make love

       Create your world the way you want.

 I really like this Goddess!

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