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Working with the Elements - or when the Lesson couldn't be more Obvious

Goddess Lessons High Priestess

High Priestess, When the Lesson couldn't be more Obvious

If I was missing the importance of working with the Elements,

The High Priestess couldn't have emphasized  it better than this past week.

Starting on Thursday, I sat down to journal when a storm blew through. It was one of the strong Spring Thunderstorm that fills the air with negative ions that rain down on the ground and make everything grow. It was awesome.

And I thought I sensed something else, something about changes but I wasn't sure.

That evening my daughter, The Hermoine Granger of our local Beauty school, came home to cover my roots because they were driving her crazy.

*They weren't bothering me*

She was experimenting with something new because we didn't want to put more bleach in my hair. The results were.....unexpected.

Witchy Hair Selfie

It was more Gray-Lavender than Platinum Blonde. While my girls were laughing at the witchyness of it and my boys were cracking 'old' jokes, I decided I really like it!


That night the wind picked up and I sat listening after every one was asleep. I listened as it knocked over the garbage cans, I pondered in awe as it whistle through the windows.

I contemplated The Symbolic meaning of The Element of Air and the message it was sending me.

It's connected to communication and wisdom. It symbolizes the Breath of Life.

Wind as strong as what I was listening to, seemed to be telling me to speak up, Voice my Truth.

It beckoned me to step out, experience it. As I did I was suddenly reminded of those nagging things that weigh me down.

"let them go, let me carry them away"

And one by one I felt them, speaking softly into the raging wind, letting them go.


I woke the next morning to sun shining and peaceful breezes.
Friday was an Earth Day.

*not Thee Earth Day, that's on the 22nd*

I had planned to dig up a few dandelion roots that were growing under my rose bush.

While I was out there I notice my favorite patch of mini daffodils weren't growing. They were too crowded.

I felt a sense of urgency to transplant them even though you're not supposed to until fall. My plants 'talk' to me. I could feel their congestion and claustrophobia.

Spring Flowers

I spent my morning digging and planting, hands in the dirt. Offering Reiki to those poor overcrowded bulbs as I buried them, asking Mother Earth to recharge and rejuvenate them.

I Tossed seeds for summer flowers on top of the disturbed earth, trying to identify the seedling sprouting up in odd places and harvesting the withering daffodil and hyacinth flowers.

Earth is stabilizing, grounding, healing and nurturing. Earth is about the material, the things you grow and make and hold in your hands.

There are schools of Spirituality that ask you to give up worldly possessions, but it was never part of the plan.

Here on Earth, where things are manifested physically, it's perfectly acceptable that we acquire things.

We're supposed to hold them, use them, appreciate them and then let them go so we can hold, use and appreciate other things.  

The key is balance and love.


Saturday I found myself out in the back yard, finally. Cleaning up the winter debris.  Raking sticks and dead weeds into a pile.

I pulled out the rusty broken down fire pit and started burning it all, It was incredibly cathartic. Every lingering thought that was left over from Thursday nights storm was thrown into the fire to be transformed into something else.

Fire Pit

Fire is about action, it's about what we DO. Its about strong will and movement.

Fire is also purifying and transformational. It takes one thing and transforms it into something else.

It both creates and destroys. I torched my fears and doubt as I burned the sticks and stalks that were too big to compost.

I was left with a void to fill with what I choose.

I choose love.


Sunday Morning was planned, in a way. I'd been insisting for a week that we go hiking in the woods.

To me the woods are an energy source. It's the easiest way for me to re-energize.

And it does amazing things for The Renaissance Man as well. Work has been hell for him, He's been pulling 70 hour weeks and had spent the last week on overnights.

After a couple hours in the woods, he almost looked back to normal.

We have a few options when choosing forest preserves to hike through. My second favorite is a county park with a river that runs through it.

I felt drawn to this one and on impulse, collected water from the river.

River walk

It was a day of impulsive choices, and going with the flow. We decided on the way that we would pick up food to picnic there. We ended up going the wrong direction and stopping at a grocery store before heading in the right direction.
At the park we wandered off the foot path, following the more narrow horse trails.

No plan, no timeline. It was wonderful.

Water is about emotions and the unconscious. It's what we feel.  It's a flowing energy, the beginning of inspiration and creativity. It's strength is its fluidity, it's ability to flow into spaces following the path of least resistance.


To finish my long weekend, I woke up Monday morning and began my normal Saturday cleaning - room to room - ceiling to floor, wiping, dusting and vacuuming.

Sweeping away the negative energy and smudging as I go.

Creating Sacred Space in my home.

It felt wonderful, light and airy.

This is the lesson of the High Priestess:

Get back to Basics. Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

Work with these. Find a comfortable flow between the 5.

Maybe not so obviously as my weekend.

Maybe you'll touch all 5 in a single day, or maybe you'll spend a few day's in one element before moving into another.

The point is neglecting any of them causes imbalance, which shows up in life as struggle and suffering.

This morning was spent with Air, communicating my experience with you. This afternoon will be spent with Fire and Earth.

Creating Art as I finish weaving a necklace and embroidering a cab and a Doll face.

What elements are you working with today?
May you find balance and peace in your world!

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