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The Creative Initiative

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We are half way through February and I haven't blogged even once!

I know! *what the hey, Heather!*

I started the month like I always do; I wrote out my to-do list, set my goals in order of importance and then I pulled cards for a little insight, you know, to get an idea about what kind of plans the new Goddess has in store for me.

We're working with Mawu, The African Earth Mother. Doreen Virtue's Goddess Guidance Oracle deck has Mawu's theme as Environmentalism. However our theme for this month is Gifts - as in what gifts do we have to offer the world.......

Mawu Spirit Doll

......and the cards informed me that it's time to put up or shut up.

I, apparently have something that the world needs right now and if I don't get my shit together and offer it up then the Good Ladies are just going to wash their hands of me.

Done. Finite. The End.

*not really* I imagine, they'd just roll their eyes and sigh really heavy and maybe nag a little like my Granny, if I don't do this.

But...I don't want to chance it.

Beside, I've been feeling the itch lately, the wanderlust.

A burning need to do something different, to venture out onto new Earth, climb new mountains and breath new air, meet new people, walk new roads.....ya, you get it.

A trip to Italy isn't really in the cards right now. (pun intended)

No...the cards suggested I offer a piece of myself. I don't rightly remember every random thought or firing synapses that occurred during my revelation but it comes down to offering a course on Creativity.

Because everyone has access to Creative inspirations and everyone can become (more) Creative. You don't have to be Artsy to be creative. It can show itself in everyday things, like cooking and cleaning and decorating. It can show itself in the office, during a party, while watering your lawn.

Creativity makes the world more magical.

It helps us discover ourselves and helps us stand out from the crowd.

It encourages us to be curious, to try new things and think outside the box. It offers us the opportunity to face our fears and let go of perfectionism.

Corn Woman - Curiosity Quote
And there is an amazing sense of satisfaction when you figure something out for yourself. That feeling is better than wine.

*but not chocolate - nothing is better than chocolate*

Doing different things or just doing things differently is good for your brain and good for your game (what ever that is).

Einstein called it Combinatory Play; athletes call it cross-training. Either way it works well with creative endeavors.

This course could very easily work for both people who think of themselves as the Creative sort and those that swear they aren't creative at all.

I'm using Jungian Archetypes as prompts. They'll serve as inspiration to flavor your outlet, whatever outlet you choose.

And if you're not sure which outlet, I offer ideas. Go with the one you're most curious about. Each prompt can be as easy or as elaborate as you choose.

To make things more fun *yeah* I've set up a Facebook Group page so we can share our Masterpieces, congratulate and encourage each other and of course, you'll have direct access to pick my brain, because I'm kind of good at this creative gig.

Okay, right, the details.

We're starting with the first E-mail on March 8th (why? New moon - great for new beginnings)
It will run one e-mail a week for 6 weeks. There are 2 prompts and a little yammering in each e-mail

*the email course is closed now however Stay tuned, I'll be offering it as a downloadable pdf in the future.

You can get warmed up on the Creative Initiative Facebook Page now; ask questions, share articles, meet and greet other Creative Adventurers... all that fun stuff.

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