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The Amazing Multi-purpose Plant

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Mint - The amazing Multi-purpose Plant

Mint is easy to grow and easy to recognize.

It smells just like Wrigley's gum.

It is NOT easy to control, though.
It will take over the garden if you let it.

Mint has many culinary uses.

We make mint iced tea by steeping fresh leaves in hot water or we'll add dried mint to other herbal blends for hot tea in the winter.

Mint jelly is usually served with lamb.

Mint sugar adds a special touch on top of cranberry muffins.

Then there's a watermelon, feta and mint salad recipe that I can't wait to try this summer.

I even made Creme de Menthe last summer!

Needless to say, I use it year round!


Magically, Mint is used for quite a few reasons.

Mint was Sacred to the Druids.
It is used for Money, Luck, Love, Healing. Protection, Travel and Divination

For Money/Prosperity: add in prosperity spells

~ leave a few leaves in your wallet or where ever you keep your money.

Money Oil
2 drops Mint Essential Oil
1 drop patchouli E/O
1 drop orange E/O
10 ml carrier oil

Roll bottle gently to mix. Let sit for a week or so to meld the scents.
Charge under Full Moon. Use to anoint candles, amulets and objects.
**Never ingest Essential Oils!**

For Healing:

  • Mint is believed to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. 

  • Mint tea is often used to settle upset stomachs as are mint candies.

  • Add fresh leaves to water with lemon slices for a refreshing and possible detox water.

  • Lay in a dark room with fresh leaves on your forehead to relieve a stress headache

  • Stuff dry leaves into a poppet to relieve stomach problems. Add to incense mixed for cleansing.

  • Has been known to prevent the emotional tailspin so it would be good to use after a traumatic experience. 

For Protection:

  • Always carry while traveling.
  • Sprinkle around the house for purification.
  • Use in Sacred Circles and on Magical Alters since Mint will attract benevolent Spirits. 

For Divination: Drink Mint tea before Divination to increase psychic visions.

Other Tips: Add to love spells to 'excite' them
Pair with topaz or chalcedony in any spell for best effect.

Odd Trivia: During the Middle Ages, cheese makers discovered that sprinkling mint around their cheese piles would keep rats out of their storeroom. 

I discovered that by planting Mint in my front garden I've kept ants from coming in the front door.


This year, my mint is growing abundantly and I'll be able to offer more in the shop, I've already replenished our own personal stores.

Depending on the rain, and we've had a lot, I'll probably cut it back 2-3 more times before I let it go to flower.
Like I said in the beginning, It's really easy to grow but it does take over a large space!

If you don't have the time or space or inclination to grow your own mint but you'd still like to have some on hand for spells and rituals, I do carry it in the shop You can find it here: Dried Mint Leaves

Dried Mint

What's your favorite way to use mint leaves?

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