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The Magic Of Cowrie Shells

cowrie shells sympathetic magic

Cowrie Shells

All shells, including Cowrie shells, being from the ocean, are associated with water and subsequently, the moon, which pulls the ocean


A shells first function is to protect the sea creature that lives in it, that energy stays with it long after its inhabitant moves on so shells have often been used in protection spells and amulets.

Cowrie Shells have been used as talisman, representing protection of the Goddess


Cowrie shells were the first symbol of money used by mankind throughout Africa and into China. They are still used to symbolize the power of destiny and prosperity

Place them on your altar as a symbol of fortune or pair them up with Citrine and Green Aventurine to manifest wealth.

When used in sympathetic magic,  like a poppet,  cowrie shells are said to transfer power and wealth to those they are in tune with.

Use as an ancestral offerings by add cowrie shells to a coffin will insure your loved ones have money in the after life. They can also be placed on Day of the Dead altars for the same reason


Because of their yoni shape they have been used as fertility totems and connected with the womb and Goddess energy. Being from the sea, they are energetically connected with birth and re-birth


Used in divination: When they appear face up, this is a positive sign; face down normally means one will not get what one expects. *Thank you Tia Dalma*

Sacred Symbol of the Goddess

Honored by followers of both the Goddess of Love and Goddess of the Sea.

As a symbol of the Goddesses blessing they can be used in many ways. Sew on clothes, use in jewelry and hair accessories. Incorporate into art and ritual tools, Give as gifts and offerings, add to spells, in amulet bags, as an altar decoration.

Cowrie Shells can pretty much be used in anyway except Do NOT burn them – it would be insulting to the Goddess.

Cowrie Shells and information page


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