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Breaking Bad and My Ethics

Harm none

Now that I'm working full time and The Renaissance Man is at home doing the Dad/Ebay thing...he's catching up on pop culture and various television shows that hit mainstream media in the last few years.

Go Netflix!

His latest fascination is Breaking Bad.
I'm not impressed.
I've caught a few episodes and expressed my dislike. It's gloomy and tragic and sad. There's no hope - just the worst of humanity.....
The Renaissance Man has a dark side   *Scorpio moon*
He argues that it makes you think.
What would you do?
What if you were in that situation?
Walter White's intentions were good, originally.
 It's an question of personal ethics and the gray area's of life.
To which I responded "NO."
"No Matter how bad it looks, you don't set up a meth lab and sell drugs."
He laughed and agreed.

I have one very simple gauge to weigh all your actions.

Harm None.

What ever option you can muster up, ask yourself, will it hurt someone?
If so, don't do it.
(now you'll get your co-dependent loved ones who live in fear and insist that you're breaking their heart if you act a certain way or do something they disapprove of............ in that case you do have to follow your heart and do what's right for yourself.)
If you're actions, your choices, will cause some one pain, suffering or loss of livelihood,

Then don't do it!

There is always another choice... another option... another perspective.
There are always ways to solve problems that don't hurt other people.
The world would be a little bit nicer if everyone stopped to think through their actions.
We can't control what other people do, but we can control ourselves. 

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