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First Day of Homeschool, YAY!!!

Egyptian Home School Spirit Doll

First Day of Home School


Today was our first day of homeschooling.

I spent all weekend working on lesson plans.

*which really means I spent all weekend trying not to freak out about possibly missing something important*

We were up and dressed and fed with beds made and hair combed (kind of) and waiting for mom to start teaching by 8:45 am.

*a little earlier than I intended but happy that they're excited*

 I figured I'd start our days with language and math, those are really important (but sometimes boring) subjects and I want to make sure we didn't miss them.

By the time we were finished with the first two subjects, the Padawan (my 3 y/o) was tired of schoolwork and the Borrowed Bully (my 18 mo/o nephew) had arrived, so I turned on Word World for them while Ruby Gloom and I started exploring ancient Egypt.

*yes, Netflix is my babysitter* 

I did quite a bit of searching for curriculum material that incorporated both the education requirements and a pagan slant and discover that I will have to make my own.

They have Great stuff out there for the 3-6 y/o crowd and even better for the 13+ group but not so much geared toward the 7-12 y/o people.

I was getting really aggravated with broken links and pagan homeschooling pages no longer in service.


I started with ancient Egypt because has a nice section of 3rd grade material *mummies and pyramids are so cool!* and Little Pagan Acorns had a really cool note booking pages on Egyptian Deities *as well as other pantheons*

She'll be starting her first Book of Shadows with these information pages, although she won't realize it until she's older *insert smug smile*

I found a creation story for Isis and Osiris that was appropriate for an 8 y/o here and started from there.

We'll spend a couple weeks studying ancient Egypt both from an academic and a spiritual perspective, learn to write in hieroglyphics, map out the pyramids, explore the terrain and maybe even check out the Book of the Dead.

*It's okay, she's a Scorpio and surprisingly connected to her Dark Side*

This will give me time to decide what I want to include in the next pantheon we work with and collect or create the appropriate materials.  In the Meantime, She’s taken a liking to Bast.

Ruby Gloom making a Spirit Doll

The First Day of Home School was a success and so far Ruby Gloom is pretty happy with it!

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