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Goodbye 2015



Goodbye old year

Its been a good year. Thank you, for all the lessons and all the experiences and all the opportunities to grow.

This time last year I was ready to be the "Queen"

 This time last year, I was contemplating PASSION. I wanted more excitement and adventure. I was anticipating good laughs, good eats, awesome sex and amazing opportunities.


Thank you for granting those wishes.


This time last year, I was dreaming of not waitressing anymore, by February you delivered. I took the opportunity to grow and expand my Haven and by May we had a new home and a stellar year!


I spent most of the year falling in love with my husband over and over again.

I found another layer of peace with my dad and renewed my trust in the Universe and power of prayer at the same time.

I connected with some amazing women and Goddesses.

I walked away from a few beautiful souls that no longer resonated with me.

 I challenged myself and reached a few goals.

I let go of idea's that weren't working well for me.


I wrote a novel. *still have to edit and publish*


I made some amazing Art.

I made some really bad Art and learned something in the process.


I stepped out of my comfort zone.

 I panicked and calmed myself down. I totally freaked out once or twice.

I danced in my kitchen and sang through the grocery store.

I strengthened my intuition.


I loved without fear.

I spent the year being an amazing Queen


Thank you 2015.

You will always be one of the "Good Ones".

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