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Litha 2015 – Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Litha Midsummer's Eve


Litha Greetings

I've always celebrated the Solstice, even before I knew anything about the Celtic holidays and pagan beliefs.

This week between the first day of summer and my birthday on the 30th was a time for being outside, soaking up the sun and contemplating my goals for the year, redirecting myself if necessary.

I often spent the day at the beach, finding a balance between fire and water; passion and emotion. This year was just slightly different.

This year the Solstice fell on Father's Day. So I let The Renaissance Man decided what we would do ~ with the request that we spend time outside and start a fire in the evening.
He decided that the kids would help him set up the yard for the evening.

getting the fire pit ready

They mowed the lawn, set up the canopy tent (the sun was out and very hot) and 'fixed' the old fire pit by recycling some old bricks.
It's a temporary fix but it worked well.

He also cut up last years Christmas tree as well as a fallen tree limb, so we would have something to burn.

In my dream world, I have a fancy fire pit under a gazebo surrounded by a wooden deck and a sizable wood pile that would last us a number of years.
But until we move to a property that could house such a luxury, this humble little fire pit will be appreciated.

Then after we ate dinner in the yard, he surprised me with Strawberry-banana daiquiris.

Enjoying a celebratory drink

We're not regular drinkers, we tend to save the alcoholic beverages for special occasions.

Yes, the Summer Solstice is a special occasion for me, but he's not a practicing pagan. He's not a practicing anything.

According to Fowler's Stages of Faith, I imagine he's stuck in Stage 4; Individuative-Reflective Faith.
Which means he has distanced himself from his parents belief system, developed critical reflection and self-actualization. At this point in time he doesn't feel a need to connect with a Higher Source or partake in a Spiritual Practice.
I'm fine with that because, Goddess Bless him, he has NEVER discouraged me from partaking in my practices.
And of course every now and then, he surprises me and joins in on my celebrations!

I had the kids put some watermelon and cantaloupe on the altar for the fairies. I'm working with the Celtic Fairy Queen, the Goddess Aine this month - which is convenient because this is her festival.


As the sun began to set late in the evening, I brought the littles in the house to settle down with a movie as my husband lit the tiki torches and began the fire.  

After a full day outside the kids were pretty tired and surprisingly fell a sleep quickly, leaving us to ourselves for a change. 

*miracles never cease*


Bonfires are pretty traditional for Mid-Summer celebrations. It's believed a bonfire honored the fiery energy of the sun.

And so as our fire burned, we sat and drank our daiquiris, tending the fire, forgetting our troubles and chatting away.

It was a much welcomed evening.

I set some promising intentions for my business and declared that we should do Bonfire night (with drinks) at least once a quarter

~which apparently is hilarious or maybe it was the rum~

Litha is also considered a fertility festival. There was often drumming and chanting and dancing around the bonfire.

The Druids believed that this day marked a marriage of masculine and feminine energies; the power of the Father Sun bringing growth and abundance to the Mother Earth.

Many of the customs and traditions involved weddings, fertility rituals, pairing up couples and divination of true love.

I've always found my energy to be very attuned to love and connections during this time of the year.

The sun moves into my birth sign of Cancer, I'm overcome with this very powerful energy.

As our fire died down and our children slept, we took our drinks in for our own sacred dance...
but not before The Renaissance Man thanked me for suggesting the fire, he really enjoy the evening.

He can give me credit but I believe Aine the Fairy Queen added her own magic to our evening.

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