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Mabon Blessings


Mabon Blessings

Happy Harvest Season, Lovebugs!!!

We've been practicing magic with the Goddess Isis this month.

Well trying to practice anyway! 

It's been busy, busy, busy here at the Haven. Just not the creative business that I enjoy the most.

I was able to get the little girl in a homeschool program that takes most of the lesson planning off my plate and also lets her work a little more independently.

This has been a Goddess-send. Because those first two weeks of constant conversation with her was exhausting! 

The funny thing is that I wasn't even looking for a program. It was one of those divinely orchestrated chance meetings with someone I'd never normally talk to, who happened to offer information I didn't know I was looking for!


Thank you Isis!


This month also marks our Anniversary. 11 years ago, on the full moon, I invited this guy over to hang out. He always made me laugh. We sat on the carpet because I had no furniture and for some reason he never left. Four years ago, I married him.

The Renassaince man and I

I'm struck with awe and wonder when I realize that I love him more and more every day! He was another gift from the Goddess.

I knew what I wanted in a relationship. I didn't know if it was possible. I'd never seen it.

My ex insisted for years that it didn't and couldn't possibly ever exist. Just the year before, I had decided that if I couldn't have what I wanted then I didn't want to be in a relationship at all.

I had been on my own for 6 months and enjoying it as much as possible. When I invited him over, I was just looking for some company, a friend. 

What I recieved was a Best Friend; someone who really 'gets' me. When I look at my husband today, I'm reminded that magic is real. Magic brought him to my doorstep.



He took some vacation time this week. We took the kids to the zoo, apple orchard and few farm stands. We then spent the last three days up to our ears in apples, tomatoes and pumpkins!

Mabon Blessings- apples

I love this time of year for this reason. I feel very connected to our ancestors when I'm following the wheel, when I'm preparing a harvest; canning and freezing food for later on.

Mabon is the second of the Fall harvest festivals. It marks the Autumn Equinox, when the days and nights are equal.

It's a time of balance, saying goodbye to summer and preparing for winter.

It's a time of letting go, releasing and remembering.

It's a time of change.

My husband and I spent the last couple days in the kitchen working together to preserve our haul. I brought up the subject of change, because I've been feeling it.

He admitted that every time he hears the word 'change' he feels a little panicky.

Most people do. Most people are afraid of what the change will look like.

  • Will it be worse that what I have now?
  • What if I don't like it?
  • What if I can't handle it?
  • What if it's not what I want? 

If I'm going to be honest, I have to admit that I'm nervous about change too. The only reason I look forward to it is because the tension that grows before the change is, quite frankly, annoying....and I'm insatiably curious.

I want to know what's coming up next. Sometimes *like now* I feel like a kid at Christmas.

We played the 'what if' game for awhile, guessing at what could change based on what's going on and how we would prepare for it.

My intuition says something will change at his job, for the better.

His concern is that our household size will grow. I realized *again* that my wonderful amazing husband has a pessimists outlook on change.

So I redirected the game to What if the Zombie apocalypse begins next month?

*which is actually more fun than "where are we going to put my older kids if they decide to move out of their dad's house"*

He started thinking about the weapons he could fashion from the junk in the garage while I started thinking about how to create a fortress in our back yard.

I decided we should do it anyway.

I also decided that he should get a job that lets him wear a goatee and a cowboy hat *dreamy eyes*


Tomorrow, as I turn the last of the tomatoes into a giant pot of chili to freeze, start another batch of apple butter and shred zucchini for breads and muffins, I'll be releasing thoughts and ideas that no longer serve me.

*like the ones that say change is scary, and I'll never get a bigger house*

I'll be remembering those things that ended this year

*like the waitressing job*.

And I'll be celebrating life, the turn of the year and looking forward to the quiet and resting time of winter.

Do you feel the wheel turning? Do you sense change in the wind?

I wish you a very blessed Mabon full of hope and happiness!

Mabon Blessings - pumpkins

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