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Blame it on Capricorn

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The Sun moves into Capricorn the energy shifts.

If you were to google search Astrology, you will find all kinds of websites on the Sun signs.

Astrology is actually the most searched topic on the internet and there are tons of reputable sites that can give you a breakdown of the personality characteristics and horoscopes for each sign.
What I have discovered is that there aren’t as many places that offer insight into how the dominate sign is influence all of us, collectively. And they do! 

Capricorn will be hanging over head for the next few weeks; it will influence the personalities of babies born in this time as it has done for thousands of years.

It will also influence our own thoughts and feelings in its own unique ways.

Let’s look at the History of Capricorn and some of the characteristics to get an idea of what to expect.

The keywords associated with Capricorn are Ambition, Conscious, and Diligence.

At their best, my Capricorn sisters are practical, responsible, disciplined and hard-working. She’s values family and tradition. She detests wastefulness, whether that’s food or time or poor quality work.

She can be very resourceful, making magic with whatever is on hand. Sometimes she can be a bit of a doomsayer; anticipating the worst. Sometimes she can be stubborn; which isn’t always a bad thing.

Capricorn is an Earth sign. Universally, Earth signs are very grounding. They are tethered to the earth and have an infinity for ‘earthly delights’; Good food, soft and warm fabrics, exotic scents, beautiful views, great sex, pleasant music. They seek and accept only the highest quality of all material goods.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. In Greek mythology, Saturn is the God Kronos, father of Zeus. Kronos ate his children out of fear of being usurped and was eventually defeated by Zeus.

As an archetype, Capricorn and Saturn both represent the Father, Disciplinarian or Authority figure. It has an energy that’s very serious, often demanding and rigid.

Capricorn takes center stage at the solstice, during the height of winter (or summer, in the southern hemisphere). It’s a time of temperature extremes; a time when the sun is furthest from us (or nearest). That kind of extreme would’ve wreaked havoc on our ancestors food supply and general well being.

Now this is just a quick overview.
(You can download the Capricorn info/coloring pages here)

There are plenty of resources if one wanted to delve deeper into the myths and meanings….and I’m tempted… but for brevities sake, I’ll move on from here

When I look at this overview, I get a kind of feeling about the energies surrounding all of us.
Between the Father figure's fear of being conquered and the temperature extremes of the season, I get the feeling that we should all be bracing for the long hall. There’s a squared jaw determination that begs us to dig in our heels and busy ourselves with survival tasks.

I think it’s kind of funny that this is also the time of year that we set Intentions and resolutions. I think it’s funnier still that by the time Capricorn moves on most of the worlds New Year’s Resolutions have been abandoned.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t make resolutions or plans to implement them. You absolutely should. This is also the dark time of the year; a time to evaluate and reflect on where we are and where we want to go from here.

I’m sure our ancestors were planning out their fields and tending their flocks, anticipating the new arrivals. They were keeping one eye on their remaining resources and the other on the growing daylight.

I just want to point out that one of the reasons we buy the day planners and new journals and sign up for gym memberships and start new diets is because Capricorn is overhead saying “Look at the big picture, start working the plan.”

Go with it! Flow with the energies of this world, take it seriously. Evaluate your life, set some goals, and work a plan.

You may start out a little too ambitious, I usually do!

But it’s better to start big and narrow it down later than to never start at all!

Big hugs and a Happy New Year!

Just remember, if you don’t do well with Capricorn energy, dig in your heels and trudge through one day at a time, by the end of the month Capricorn will Exit. Stage left, already! and Aquarian energies will take over! 
*you all hear Snagglepuss, right? Heavens to Murgatroyd!*

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