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Woodland Fairy

Fairy Woods

This is my rendition of a Woodland Fairy.

It was made for a Fairy Tale Challenge in the summer of 2012. 

Now the idea of fairy tales gets most people thinking about Disney Princesses or the Brother's Grimm.

Not me though.

I probably get stuck at the first word: fairy.
I automatically start thinking Tinkerbelle.
Yes, the Tinkerbelle that we know and love is a Disney thing but before that she was Peter Pan's best friend.
And before Peter Pan took Wendy off to Never Never Land, fairies in general, were just known to 'be' in Ireland.

The Tales of the Wee Folk were handed down and embellished and reveled in for generations on the Emerald Isle.
In my library, I have a copy of a Irish Fairy and Folk Tales collected and transcribed by W.B. Yeats.

*It reads very dry and with a slang I'm not particularly familiar*
Apparently Yeat's collected these stories from local people throughout the country, and it seems that he transcribed them complete with their local dialects and bits of Gaelic because no two stories read the same. Some are much harder to understand than others.
Needless to say this book, that I picked up in the hopes of sharing quaint stories with my daughter, hasn't been the bedtime reading I was hoping for.
It has, however,  been a fun academic exercise for me and I've gotten enough information to share the ideas with the kids.
On our nature hikes we're always on the lookout for evidence of fairies, if not the Fairies themselves!
The Woodland Fairies are a special race of wee folk who live in and protect the trees and forests. Like the wee folk in the old country they are mischievous.
They will wack you with branches or entangle your hair and clothes in the underbrush as you walk through the woods; a problem Ruby Gloom encounters every time she wanders off the trail!
And if ever you should find yourself falling out of a tree, you can be pretty sure it's because the fairy that protects that tree pushed you!


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