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Little Poppet Dressed in Green

DIY poppet sympathetic magic


Little Poppet Dressed in Green

The past couple days I've been working on a special little doll.

She's green and gold and stuffed with special ingredients, including cinnamon and basil
She's a prototype, created to encourage prosperity.

The idea is to create a physical symbol to hold on to and focus our desires on. It will hold the energy of our wishes while we do the everyday things that will create our reality. Things like working, saving and debt elimination.

Inside her, I have placed coins (money) magnets (attraction) and a quartz crystal to amplify the other symbols.

Basil and cinnamon are traditionally used to attract wealth and they smell awesome!

She's got green stones and gold word beads that  say, 'power, change, inspire'
The words seemed appropriate for encouraging prosperity and abundance... 

I hope to have her finished by this months Super Moon on June 23rd.

Poppets are great for sympathetic magic.

A poppet can represent an Idea like Prosperity or Love or Inner Peace 

Or it can represent a person; yourself or a loved one.

It can be any shape or material you can think of or have on hand. It can be hand sewn or machine sewn - although I feel that hand sewing allows you the time to put more of your energy into it. 

I embroidered this one with beads but that's my thing. You can embroider symbols and words with threads or just write them with a marker. 

You can make one pink with rose petals to encourage Self Love
Pastel blues with lavender to encourage inner peace.
Orange with a citrus scent to encourage creativity.

Or, you can go with a white doll with healing herbs and perform Reiki on it. 

The possibilities are endless. 


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