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Lovely Blessings

vision board

Well it's been an eventful week here at the Haven.

We manifested new furniture; It was much needed and I am incredibly grateful!Little Blessing

The old love seat had a pull out bed but no mattress so we used old couch cushions to fill in the space.

The recliner was broken. The side panel bolt was bent and we couldn't fix it. So the side panel leaned out at a 45 degree angle.

I was almost embarrassed when I put it on the curb and called the city to haul it away.

Here's a shot of the kiddo's playing x box on the new love seat. The chair in the corner is where I find myself hanging out most the time. Great for reading, surfing and if I pull out the tray table, beading!

Best of all is that the Renaissance Man and I can cuddle-up and watch movies again :)

I think the coolest part about this was that back in January, when I was working for the Insurance Company, my boss made us all make vision boards

I've done vision boards before so I was optimistic about it.

It had been a long time since I actually said out loud that I wanted something. Money's been tight and with no obvious way to obtain the extra's, I usually just worried about the necessities. 

Still, to be a good sport I had to add a few things to my board so a living room set and a new car were added with a 'it would be nice' attitude.  For the next 4 months, I looked at that board while struggling to book appointments, never really putting any hope into it.

When I left the company I didn't think about it again until my ex's new wife called and asked if I wanted her old furniture. She was having new stuff delivered that day.

Yes, absolutely, I'll be right over. 

*I think I like her more than my ex does*

 She also gave us a dining room set. The old one was laminate on particle board, it was warping and wobbly and three of the chairs were falling apart. This set only came with 4 chairs so we kept the other stable chairs.
Lovely Blessings
I love my new furniture.

(Ya, I know, everyone loves the new stuff they get) 

I find myself cleaning a bit more thoroughly. I think what feels the best is that by getting rid of the old furniture, I was eliminating stagnant and maybe even negative energy.

Okay, enough about my blessings, however I am feeling a bit rambley ....soooo

We do have a habit of hanging on to things far past their expiration date. We've got this depression era mentality of waste not, want not.

And even when something is no longer useful, we'll take it a part and reuse the parts.

For Example: The Renaissance Man has a bad habit of wearing his jeans to the point of indecency  *some how he always manages to blow out his back pockets*

Instead of tossing them, I cut the salvageable parts into squares. Eventually I'll have enough for a great patch work quilt.  

I'm working on my Master in Efficiency.

I believe in Recycle, Reuse.


Sometimes, though, it's better just to get rid of things.


Things hold onto energy as well as memories. As we grow and evolve sometimes those things can emanate with an energy that drags us down and makes our evolution more difficult. 

I give our salvageable clothes and household goods to Salvation Army.
I recycle according to the city's requirements.
I even have a compost pile on the back of our property for kitchen scraps. 

Take a look around your space, is there extra stuff just taking up space? Is there broken or worn out furniture in need of replacing? 

Maybe it's time you add those to a vision board and let the Universe figure out how to get it to you!



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