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This Rhodonite Jewelry Set is one of those pieces that has stories;

The story of the creation of this piece and because I love the lore, information about the stone, Rhodonite.

Rhodonite Jewelry Set

The set started with the bracelet.

I wanted to use the purple-ish heishi beads that I've had in my stash for a long time. I was playing with right-angle weave and realized they worked well with the matte gray and pink *inside color* seed beads.

I secured the weave with the last of my pearl seed beads. I was cutting it close and had to search through my white soup mix* to finish the bracelet.

I had plenty of the purple left so I figured I could make a necklace too. However since I exhausted my pearl seed beads I opted to use glass pearls in place of the seed beads.

I have plenty, all different sizes. They came in a lot of broken jewelry my mom had given me a few years ago.

*Bead Soup is a mix of leftover beads to be used in freeform creations. Every beader has at least one soup mix. I have several. Warm colors, cool colors, blacks, whites, and browns.


So I finished the necklace and decided it needed a pendant. I was looking through my stash for something gray or black.

You have no idea how excited I was when I found this Rhodonite cab that I forgot I had.


The black veining in the dusty pink stone was a great compliment to the black veining in the dusty purple heishi beads and because I used the pink inside color seed beads, it blended so well.

It's one of those serendipitous moments.

I've bezeled the cab and I'm attaching it to the necklace one night when Ruby Gloom wanders out of bed for the umpteenth time.

Her: whatchadoin?
Me: Finishing this necklace, get in bed.
Her: do you need any help?
Me: No, get in bed.
Her: Do you even know what you're doing?
Me: Um, Yes. Get Back in Bed
Her: Well, 'cause, I could help...I know what to do..
Me:*gives her the angry stare*
Her: Okay, well If you need any help, I'll be in my room trying to figure out how to go to bed!

*Ya, that child!*


So now on to the awesome geeky stuff I love about natural stones.

The name comes from the Greek word rhodon which means rosy or possibly the Celtic word rhod meaning wheel.

  • It's a 6 on the Mohs hardness scale and can be found all over the world.
  • It's pretty strong and has been used as a carvings material for centuries. 
  • It's a calming stone, associated with the heart chakra. Carrying it or wearing it encourages a sense of well-being, keeping your mind calm and helping you to stay focused and resolved by patiently weighing your options.
  • It keeps you calm in dangerous or high stress situations.
  • It promotes self-love
  • It increases confidence, self esteem, self worth and energy levels both physical and mental.
  • It can help to heal those emotional wounds and traumas, as well as aid in the healing of physical wounds and detoxifying the body.

(I thought it was interesting that it's pink and I've always associated pink with self- love.)

It's element is earth and fire 

It's Zodiac sign is Taurus and Aries.

It's planet is Venus

It's used in spells to promote self-love, peace and repel confusion and doubt.

Folklore states that Rhodonite was given to travelers to protect them and would make their heart race if danger was imminent.

Russian parents believes the eagles would carry the stones to their nests up in the mountains and therefore placed rhodonite in cribs so that their children would gain the freedom the eagles had.

See, Fun stuff! 


A shout out and Thank you to these websites that posted info about Rhodonite.

House of Shakti
Charms of Light
Gemstone Advisor

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