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So What are Spirit Dolls, Anyway?

Spirit Doll

What are Spirit Dolls

So, What are Spirit Dolls? How are they made? What makes them so special?

I’ve just recently been informed that some magical practitioners use, dolls, either factory made or handmade, as a vessel to bind Spirits. I don’t know exactly how they do it or what it means or how you use it.

The idea brings up visuals of Robin Williams as the Genie in the Lamp

*10,000 years in a lamp will give you such a crick in the neck*

*you totally heard his voice, didn’t you!*


That’s not what my dolls are. I feel like if I need help from a Spirit, then I should ask nicely and maybe give an offering. I feel like If I have to bind a spirit and force them to stick around and help me then that’s not really the kind of Spirit I want help from.

*probably my inner love child is driving this bus*


My Spirit Dolls are handcrafted one of a kind mixed media Art dolls with a spiritual influence.

I love making dolls. I love when their personalities start to take over and they surprise me with characteristics that I wasn’t anticipating.

What are Spirit Dolls

Each doll begins with a stick found locally, I usually choose one that have already fallen off the tree or one that has been pruned in normal gardening maintenance.

They are wrapped in batting and fabric strips chosen for the color symbolism and tied with various yarns and fibers.

Their faces are hand sculpted, hand painted and bezel set in bead embroidery. I prefer to surround them with beads rather than just gluing them in place. They feel more secure that way and the beads are often a way to add embellishment. 

Hair is comprised of fibers, feathers or other materials as required by the spirit of the doll.

In other words, it’s what the doll wants. The doll always has a say in the creation process. That's why no two ever look the same.

Semi-precious gem stones are sewn on by hand and sometimes a special divinely inspired message is hand written on handcrafted paper.

Messages are related to the color, stones and sometimes a single chosen Tarot card.

Often times the message is directly from the Goddess I'm working with and comes to me during the construction or in meditation.

Finally the Spirit dolls are blessed in ritual and charged with Light, Love and Positive Energy.


You can see the full available collection here and All the dolls in private collections here.

*I’ll also make custom orders if there’s something you want . Talk to me! I get really excited about these things!”

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