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The Magic of Being in Nature

Energy Nature


This Memorial Day was the first day in months that neither The Renaissance Man or I had to work.
We've been doing this opposite schedule thing for a while and it has been wearing on us.
So even though it was overcast and cloudy and rainy we opted to go hiking just the same.

The kids had a blast. Ruby Gloom was allowed to romp and splash in the puddles and boy did she ever.

We looked for birds and animal prints

*or more accurately, animals running as fast as they could away from her, I'm sure*

                                               and found that ^^^^ uprooted tree.

The Magic of Nature

The Padawan is quite the character. He was content to sit in the stroller and watch everything. (First kid ever!)

At one point the trail had become so flooded that we had to carry his stroller while our boots were sticking in the mud and making that suction popping noise as we walked.
Kiddo was cracking up laughing. *so were we*

The Magic of Being in Nature

The Renaissance Man  had his camera and various lenses.
He's just recently admitted out loud that 'The Big Year' is one of his favorite movies
*yes he's getting old*

He's encouraging the kids to explore photography and Ruby Gloom was having fun with it!
The Magic of Being in Nature

Although she had more fun in the mud puddles!
For me, hiking is a necessary part of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Before the Padawan was born, we would go out in the winter with snow on the ground as well as in the nicer months.
And I'm sure we'll do that again in the future.

There's an energy present in nature places; in wild places, that you can't feel on asphalt or in homes full of electric appliances and cool new gadgets!

I'm not saying one is better than the other.

As much as The Man and I like to fantasize about moving to a cabin in the woods and living off the land - we would SOOOOO miss our toys.

I still revel in our days in the woods.

I collect that energy, imagine in circulating through my body, healing the damaged area's and refreshing my soul.

I would bottle it up if I could but that's not how energy works.
It has to flow and so I let it.

The refreshing, healing energy has an uncanny ability to spark my creative tendency.
We both come home from these walks with countless sketches and design ideas.

So now I'm off to put a mental image on paper and soon to beads and fibers.
 Have a Great Day!

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