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The Empress: Abundance and Plenty

empress Tarot

Writing the Wisdom of your Soul - Day 4 The EmpressThe Empress spirit doll

I am loved by the Empress, the Mother Goddess, My own personal Genie in a Bottle.

*she laughs a that, she'd never fit in a bottle*

I don't even put in a lot of effort into manifesting. Sometimes, it's just something on a mental list of things I need to pick up soon and then WHAM< it's there on my doorstep, overflowing and I find myself scrambling to find a place for it: winter clothes for my youngest child; gifted by a neighbor in July

chair full of clothes 

Sometimes it just grows naturally, taking over garden space, growing outside the box and in the cracks of the sidewalk!

I'll be harvesting and drying the last of the mint this week and I may actually be offering it in my shop for spells and teas. All organic, home grown, no herbicides or pesticides.


Sometimes the Empress likes and supports my ideas, such as when I had the fleeting idea of doing monthly crystal grids and  making amulet bags. I stumbled upon a grab bag of crystals on sale.

She nudged me, "Yes! Do it!" 

crystal gemstones

And when I join forces with a friend or two, the Empress waves her wand and multiplies our bounty exponentially.  

Such as when The Renaissance Man and I decided we would stock up on fresh produce to last through the winter.

 "This is my game, Baby Girl!" she says, "Bountiful Harvest and  A Cornucopia of the Good Stuff!"

bountiful harvest

After canning jelly, tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, and salsa. I had jars all over the kitchen, on every counter, in every corner. My Husband made this shelving unit to hold them all out of the way

canning shelf

He was grouchy that day. I told him the he can't be, it would halt our flow. He looked confused so I explained

When you petition the Universe for Abundance and Prosperity, it doesn't always show up in Dollars and Cents; sometimes it shows up in Tomatoes and Berries.

 The Empress (she/me)  always comes through for me.

I may not have always had a lot, but I have always had what I needed.

So now I'm taking the tools of the Magician and the quiet whisper of the High Priestess straight Over to the Empress. We're going to pop open a bottle wine and talk about finding me some more space.

A year ago it was a pipe dream but now I see a possibility. I got the old man and the big guy (hubby and oldest son) on board.

I don't need to know how, I just know I want a proper studio and fresh air and more space, inside and out! This is pretty big, for me anyway. It may take a little longer than manifesting a bag of hand-me-down clothes.

I'm cool with that because I know She's got my back!

Wishing you everything your heart desires and all that you need to succeed!

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