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The Heirophant's Blessing - Never Stop Learning

Heirophant High Priest Tarot


Writing the Wisdom of your Soul - Day 6 - The Heirophant

The High Priest - Witches Tarot

The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan

"Oh there you are!" says the old man at the table surrounded by stacks of books, "Come here, look at this."

Knowledge is power. This much is true. But it's not enough to collect the knowledge. You must apply the knowledge, you must live the knowledge.

"You were always my best student. Ever since you were small." His eyes glaze over in the memory, he smiles and chuckles to himself. "Curious, always so curious."

Not everyone is curious. Some people go there whole life without ever wondering about anything. Question everything. Take nothing for granted.

Apply this to that, compare and contrast. Find truth in the commonalities. Document your findings.

All citrus fruits are high in vitamin C.
The major world religions all teach Love.
Magic comes from within.

All people lie. That's not important. Don't be offended.
Understand why they lie, that's what's important. That's where you can find the truth and that's where you can help.

People don't like change. But change is good for the mind.  If you always read mysteries, then opt for a romance or a motorcycle manual. Challenge your brain.

If you always shop in this store, choose another. The difference stimulates the brain, Wakes things up.
Change is always easier when it's chosen, Take control, choose change often, it'll make it easier when it's not your choice.

Breathe from your belly. Somehow, sometime, we've forgotten how to breathe correctly. if we don't get enough oxygen to our brains we can't think properly.

Stand up straight.
Spend time in nature.  
Love without conditions. 

We have two ears and one mouth so that we will remember to listen twice as much as we talk. But first you must quiet the chatter in your head. Listen to understand, not to respond.

Humans are not the only beings needing to be heard. Animals, Plants, Rocks, Spirits; The all have messages for you. Some request your assistance, some are offering you aid. Pay attention. Both are equally important.

Be kind.
Trust your gut.
Follow your Heart.
Choose to feel good. 

Never stop learning, observing, listening, applying. Enjoy the process, you'll be practicing it your whole life.

Take breaks from actively acquiring knowledge, give yourself time to integrate what you've learned into you life.

"I do believe you're about ready to take on your own students" says the Wizard proudly. "Don't neglect your own studies and remember to Visit me. I've always enjoyed your company!"

All my life I've needed to know why people did what they did. Why do they chose to act in ways that were neither healthy nor loving? Why thy chose to hurt themselves and others? And how they could change?
This is where my wisdom lies, what the Heirophant has guided me to discover. It's the root of everything I do, from Spirit Dolls to gardening to crystals. It's the key to my Personal Legend and what I should be doing to make the world a better place.
I'm still working through the details.

Love & Kisses

And remember to read everything you can get your eyes on!

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