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Blodeuwedd Spirit Doll


Blodeuwedd (blood-eh-weth) is the Welsh Spring Goddess who's name means 'flower face'. She was created by magic and eventually turned into an owl. 

This doll celebrated her Maiden form, depicting and newly created Blodeuwedd dancing among the flowers. 

She measures 12 inches tall and roughly 7 inches wide. She is designed slightly different from my other Spirit Dolls in that her body form is created by wire rather than wood, giving her limited flexibility.

She's wrapped in cotton terry cloth, yarn and embroidery floss in shades of green and pink/red. She has curly blonde hair and a pink flower petal tutu.

Her hand sculpted face is still bezeled with bead embroidery for security. She sports a lucite flower 'crown' and her torso is embellished with citrine, green aventurine and rhodonite chips. 

She stands independently on her apple wood platform. 

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