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Elephant Driftwood Altar Decoration


This hand carved and wood burned piece of driftwood  depicts 3 Elephants with gemstone inlays. It would be a beautiful addition to Altars and Sacred spaces craving elephant energy. The wood has been stained with watercolor paints and sealed for protection. 

Elephants symbolise Strength, Honor, Stability, Patience, Contemplation, Mindfulness and Memories. Elephants are intellegent, family oriented and maternal.

The lead elephant is carrying Snowflake Obsidian, considered to the stone of purity. It is believed to energetically help to balance mind, body and spirit.

The second elephant carries a Picture Jasper, which has a strong connection to earth energy. It has a very protective and nurturing energy.

The smallest elephant carries a Green Serpentine;which is known for its healing energies and the ability to help manifest desires. 

The altar decoration measures 14 inches long and 1.5 inches around, the end in 3.5 inches wide.

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