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Eurynome Spirit Doll


Eurynome is the Pre-Hellenic Creation Goddess that, in myth, danced her way through existence separating the air from the water and thus creating the heavens and the sea. 

Eurynome Spirit Doll is wrapped in pale blue and white tulle signifying this separation dance. Her hand sculpted and painted face is bezel-set with seed beads, pearl and sea shell head dress. Her bodice is embroidered with shell, pearls, larimar and aquamarine. 

She implores us to dance - to feel the ecstasy of creating the life of our dreams. She'll bring this energy and a reminder to your sacred space. 

She measures 14 inches tall with the tulle fluffing out to 9 inches wide. Her arms are slightly pose able

Larimar contains both tranquil sea and sky energy, promotes peace and alleviates fears. It is good for connecting with the Divine Feminine and may help to release emotional bonds and patterns that no longer serve. 

Aquamarine has a watery energy, it cleanses the emotional bodies and opens communication. It encourages inner knowing and strengthens intuition. 

Pearls have a watery and lunar element that may help to balance emotions. Pearls may also help us to enhance personal integrity and focus attention. They bring truth to a situation and loyalty to a cause.    


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