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Heqet Spirit Doll


Heqet is the Egyptian Goddess of Childbirth, Fertility, Rebirth and Renewal. She was traditionally called upon during the labor and delivery to protect the mother and guide the midwife. In the world of magic, which relies on symbolism, Heqet can be called upon to guide and protect us as we embark in any creative process, whether its writing a book to organizing a benefit. Heqet will aid you, cheer you on during the hard parts, hold you up when exhaustion hits and celebrate when you reach the finish line. 

The Spirit of Heqet measures 10.5 inches tall and 5 inches wide (her cradled arms). Her frog face is hand sculpted and bezeled with bead embroidery.Her black yarn wig is symbolic of Egyptian royalty.  She is wrapped in cotton fabric and embellished with gemstones: aventurine, howlite, carnelian and jet. 

Her arms are wrapped in green silk, creating a bunting to wrap this new life you've worked so hard for. The 'baby' in the bunting consists of an Aventurine nugget, howlite chips and a charm that says 'dream' on one side and 'believe' on the other. 

Aventurine is known for increasing luck and creative insight

Howlite is a calming stone, believed to open your mind to new ideas and insights

Carnelian is called the stone of vitality, courage and action

Jet is a protection stone used for grounding and neutrilizing negative energy


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