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Kaltes Spirit Doll


Kaltes is the Siberian Moon Goddess in charge of Fertility, childbirth and renewal. She is often in charge of Destiny. She is depicted as a Hare.

Kaltes Spirit Doll measures10.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide, Her wild red hair house her rabbit styled ears. Her face is hand sculpted and bezeled in place with seed beads a Peridot rounds. She is embellished with rhodochrosite, rose and green quartz. She's wrapped in pink floral fabric and a turquois silk sash with a brass rabbit charm attached. 

Rhodochriosite - to generate feelings of love and compassion and stimulate intuition

Rose quartz - love for self, others and innerpeace

Green quartz - stabilized the heart chakra, opening one to feel more love and compassion for others

Peridot - stone of springtime, offers energy of new beginnings

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