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Lilith Spirit Doll


Lilith, a powerful and controversial Goddess, in modern times she has been connected with the Authentic Self and accessing personal power and strength.

This is a bit different design than most of my Spirit Dolls in that she entirely created from clay, wrapped around her 'apple' tree. There is no fabric or fibers other that the crocheted yarn leaves.

In some stories, it is said that Lilith was the serpent that gave Eve the forbidden fruit - a gift of knowledge and understanding.
Great for an altar decoration or meditation focus.

Lilith measures 13 inches tall and stands independently on an apoxy sculpt base measuring about 5 inches across. In addition to the bead 'apples' hanging from the yarn 'leaves' there is also gemstones;

black tourmaline is a grounding and protective stone

clear quartz.- amplifies the energy of other stones


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