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Pele Fire Goddess of Volcanoes Spirit Doll


Pele is the Hawaiian Spirit of Volcanoes, both destructive and creative; destroying the landscape while creating new land.
She measures 8 1/2 inches by about 6 inches wide. Wrapped in black fabric and a red silk, she is embellished with obsidian and peridot beads, lucite flowers and a grass skirt. Her wire formed arms are movable and posed in a traditional hula dance pose as Pele was also a Patroness of Dance. Her smiling face is hand sculpted from polymer clay and painted with acrylic paints, Then its bezel set in seed beads as well as her head piece.
Her curly doll hair is sewn in place and tied with a red fabric to keep it somewhat tame.

Pele is an energetic spirit, encouraging a passion and zest for life,


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