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Empress Spirit Doll


The Empress Spirit Doll is inspired by Card III of the Tarot. Wrapped in green and pink she represents fertility and growth as well as self-love. She is the quintessential Mother, emanating feminine power in a peaceful soothing way. She is all that is beautiful, sensual and life-affirming.

She sits, on a shelf or a window sill, measuring 7 inches from her base to the top of her mohair wig wrapped in a tiara of crystal bi-cone stars.
From her back to her knees is 4 inches and feet hang another 2 1/2 inches. She's roughly 4 inches wide.
She carries her staff in one hand and a heart shaped crest on the other and is wrapped in gemstones, amethyst, rose quartz, rhodonite, and amazonite.

" Revel in the physical. Enjoy the bounty of the Earth's delights and this human existence."


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