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Vila Spirit Doll


Vila is the Eastern European Goddess of Energy as seen moving through Earth as nature, In other words shes the air that rustles trees and the water that shapes the land. Historically she is thought to represent the healing powers of nature.

She measures 13 inches tall with a base of Apple wood,    5 inches wide at the top, wrapped in cotton fabric and dyed cheese cloth. Her hand scultped and painted face is hidden in the leaves, embroidered in seed beads and czech pressed leaves. 

She's embellished with aventurine chips

Her message, "Sooth you soul in the Essence of my forest. Ground out your fear, Breath in my strength"

Spirit Dolls are handcrafted one of a kind mixed media Art dolls.
Each doll begins with a stick found locally, I usually choose one that have already fallen off the tree. They are wrapped in batting and fabric strips chosen for the color symbolism and tied with various yarns and fibers. 
Their faces are hand sculpted, hand painted and bezel set in bead embroidery.
Hair is comprised of fibers, feathers or other materials as required by the spirit of the doll. 
Semi-precious gem stones are sewn on by hand and a special divinely inspired message is hand written on handcrafted paper.

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