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Woodland Fairy - Beaded Art Doll


When I think fairy tales, I think tales about fairies, the kinds of stories I tell my kids which are reminiscent of the folklore told in Ireland about the wee folk. This doll is based on those stories.

At 9 inches tall and with a 6 inch armspan, this Woodland Fairy is entirely covered in seed beads with a few pearls, stone beads, fire-polished beads and decorated with czech pressed glass leaves.
Her wings are sculpted from bead stung wire.

I sculpted her face with polymer clay and painted with acrylics.She was inspired by the artwork of Brian Froud. She has immitation twigs in her headpiece and camoflauge arms and legs to help disguise her in the trees.

The Woodland Fairies are a special race of wee folk who live in and protect the trees and forests. Like the wee folk in the old country they are mischievious in that they will wack you with branches or entangle your hair and clothes in the underbrush as you walk through the woods. And if ever you should find yourself falling out of a tree, you can be pretty sure it's because the fairy that protects that tree pushed you!

This doll is an art doll. It is not a toy. Please keep her away from pets and small children

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